Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Target/Ross Haul

So today, I did just a tiny bit of damage at Target and Ross. Really, it was tiny.

While I was at Target, I needed to pick up some hair dye (sigh) and I ended up wandering down the hair care aisle. My hair has been feeling really dry lately so I wanted to find a deep conditioner to use on my hair. There really wasn't a lot to choose from. I saw one that L'Oreal made, but I hated the smell. I ended up finding this Pantene Pro-V Overnight Miracle Repair Serum. I haven't tried it yet, but I LOVE the smell. It's sort of floraly and smells like most of the products from the Pantene line. The consistency isn't super thick, so I'm hoping it won't wear down my hair. It's supposed to "restore hair from damage while you sleep for a healthy looking start each morning and leave hair smooth, shiny and soft without leaving residue on your pillow." You are supposed to put it on at night, 1-2 pumps (1 delivers more than enough),
1 pump
from the tips to mid shaft. It is supposed to "erase 6 months of damage." I'm gonna give it a shot tonight. We'll see.

Pantene Pro-V Overnight Miracle Repair Serum. Target price: $6.29 for 4.9 fl oz.

Next, I got my plain, old boring hair dye. I always use Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color. I either get color R3 Light Intensse Auburn or Medium Intense Auburn, depending upon what the store I am in has ATM. It can be kind of difficult to always find the same one, so I get either or. I really actualy prefer the medium color because it fades less quickly, but I was too lazy to venture anywhere else, so light it was. I'm going to my lovely Mom's tomorrow and shd she gets the priviledge of touching up my roots. Yay! And that's all there is to say about hair dye. Moving on...

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color in the color R3 Light Intense Auburn. Target price: $6.99

I wanted to try a new conditioner, so I picked up Herbal Essences Color Me Happy conditioner. The packaging says there is a fusion of Moroccan Rose. All I know is it smells great. It has the typical smell of any of the Herbal Essences products. The conditioner doesn't seem overly thick, so let's see how moisturizing it turns out to be. I've been using Tresemme for a while now, but I want to try something new. I feel like my hair is sort of immune to it now. I mostly buy it because it is a huge bottle for a reasonable price and I use A LOT of conditioner, so that's important.

Herbal Essences Color Me Happy conditioner for color treated hair. Target price: $4.74 for 23.7 fl oz.

I have been looking for a new body lotion. I have been use B&BW Be Enchanted for some time now and I love the smell. But not the price. I have been looking for something a bit more affordable. I picked up Bodycology's XOXO. It is sort of a dupe for Be Enchanted. It is not nearly as thick as B&BW, but for the price, I'll take it. It has a similar sweet scent. As the package reads, it has a "sweet blend of raspberries, lemon sorbet, and musk." It's a winner. Also, the packaging is super cute!(I'm a sucker.)

Bodycology XOXO nourishing body cream. Target price: $ 3.99 for 8 oz.

I have been on the hunt for some cute dresses for spring/summer. I have been shopping around at Target, but I just can't seem to make myself pay $25 for their dresses anymore. And lately, I haven't really seen anything I loved there anyway. I've been pretty pleased with my finds at Ross lately. Both of these dresses I got for under $10! I know that they won't last me forever as they are made more cheaply than ones I would pick up at dept stores, but I get so tired of things so quickly, I don't mind replacing my stuff often. Especially when I can get things at such a bargain.
I love Ross!
The first dress is in a pretty coral shade and has a circle cut out. What I love about this dress is the cutout doesn't show your bra, and as a girl who isn't lucky enough to be able to go without one, I appreciate that. The cut off hits you right on your upper back, above your bra closure. It hits right about the knee and is a really flattering fit. It cinches in at the waist and flairs out. Isn't that called A-line? I can never get that right. Anywho, the fabric on this one is quite good. It seems like it will withstand quite a few washings. This one was $8.

The next dress I picked up is in a hot pink color. It also hits right about the knee. This seems to be the most flattering length for me. I tried on some maxi dresses today and I really want to like them because they would hide my ghostly legs, but I just feel so matronly in them. Oh well, gotta embrace the paleness! My favorite part of this dress is the cute little pocket. So cute. The fabric is a bit thin, but will be nice come summer because it gets so darn hot here! This one was $6!

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