Monday, April 19, 2010


Pretty random, I know. I love her and I would dress like that everyday if I could. sigh.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Mox's fic

You guys aren't reading this awesome new fic The Looking Glass, huh? Why not???

Check out this video and then go read the fic.

You won't regret it. I'm telling you, it's getting good. Nice and angsty, the way I like it.

See if you can guess why I love this video so much...

Listen close at 4:58. sigh.

Twicon days 2 and 3...from the Mox

Day 2

So Frankie AS (yeah I changed her name again. Ask her what it means) (Me-I'll never tell....) stole my P. Fach thunder. I will say I was ridiculously jealous of her whole "I had a crush on a girl named Frances" story. That was until Peter Facinelli sat down next to me! The crazy thing was we weren't even sitting in those seats originally. We ended up having to boot someone else out of our seats. Then there was a mom and daughter sitting closer to the end of row, but it just so happened that they had walked out of the room right before P. Fach jumped off the stage. (Me-We were both like "If they knew what just happened..." I mean what shitty luck they had!) So, you see, it was all an act of God that P. Fach sat next to me.

Confession time: Before Twicon weekend I had been struggling with my love for Twilight (Me-I was ashamed once too...) Last year, I remember being embarrassed to buy the Twilight DVD. I enjoyed all things Twilight, but I kept it a secret. I had been ashamed. But after Twicon (or more specifically after having P. Fach lean against me) I fly my Twilight nerd flag proudly! Yes, I have come out of the closet and I'm saying it loud: I AM A TWILIGHT FAN AND I'M PROUD!

Okay, I will step off of my soap box now and continue with day 2.

The first star we saw was Daniel Cudmore aka Felix. Let me begin by saying he is tall, tall, tall, which for me equals win, win, win. Yes, I now have a crush on Daniel Cudmore. It is nowhere near my love for Rob, but I do enjoy looking at Daniel. Not only is he tall, but he has thick dark hair, a muscular build, (Me-that's putting it mildly!) great arms (which is another weakness of mine), and huge hands...heh heh. Someone in the audience asked for a bear hug and he said he only gives "man hugs." After staring at his arms for the better part of an hour, I knew I had to have a Daniel Cudmore "man hug." He turned out to be really funny and gracious.

Little side note: All of the stars were amusing and extremely gracious. They really do love their fans. Also, everyone looks way better in person than they do in the movies, which makes me wonder: Is it possible for Rob to look better in person? If so, I imagine  I would go blind. To look at him would be like staring directly into the sun. But I digress.

Back to Daniel. He said that originally, he auditioned for a role as one of the bikers (who Bella hops a ride with to get her "adrenaline rush", thus inducing her Edward hallucinations). He said that when he got a call back for the role of Felix, there was a miscommunication and he thought that he was still auditioning for the biker part. When he figured out what was going on, he thought he completely blew it. Needless to say, he got the role.

Cuteness: When asked how tall he is, his response is "twice as tall as half my height."

When I got his autograph, I made him laugh by complaining about the commonality of my name (which is not Mox). Total score. That night at the vampire ball, I worked up the nerve to ask for a picture with him. Yes, I wimped out on asking for the hug, but he still put his arm around me and I got to touch his back. Swoon!

The next star was Gil Birmingham aka Billy Black. He also looked delicious. I would have no problem with Gil being my sugar daddy. Whenever he was telling a story about Taylor, he would pause and say "Taylor. Taylor Lautner." At one point he even said "I'm down with the convention." Super adorable. Gil had to be extremely patient to deal with the stupid white people there. Twice in a row he was asked about his nationality. Then some woman with a thick accent exclaimed loudly "Comanche? What's that?!" (Me-stupid pale faces!) Then someone asked what his tribe had in common with the Quileutes. Amazingly, he gave serious answers to all of the questions. We didn't get his autograph until day three, so I will come back to that later. I know Frankie AS will have a lot to say about Gil on day 3. (Me-for the rest of my life...)

After Gil, came Christopher Heyerdahl aka Marcus. I was impressed with how much thought he put into the role. Marcus is a comparatively smaller role, yet Christopher delved into his story and his motivations. Everyone asked him about his lack of socks in the movie. His rationale was that Marcus would be too apathetic about life to bother with socks.

Chris shared a story about the fight scene between Edward and Felix. When Rob landed on the marble stairs at Marcus' feet, he looked up and said "great slippers." (Me-so utterly Rob.)

The last star we saw this day was Michael Welch. He is one of those people who simply cannot be still. I got a little dizzy watching him. When he first walked on stage, he chugged an energy drink and then pitched the empty bottle into the crowd. The bottle bounced off a beam in the ceiling and landed in the row behind me. The bottle never came close enough to me to cause a danger, but I stil flinched when it hit the beam. Michael saw that and mouthed "Sorry." to me. Oh, and he re-enacted the butt shake dance from Twilight. (Me-this was complete and utter WIN! Every time I would see that scene in the theatre, I would giggle. In fact, it still makes me giggle.) He also did impressions of the other actors, including Rob and Kristen. His Kristen involved a lot of blinking and tucking his hair behind his ear. Cuteness.

Day 3

First up was Kiowa Gordon (Embry Call). He was cute in a younger brother sort of way. In fact, he reminded me a lot of my 14 year old step-brother (ironically named Jacob). He seemed like a typical teenage boy. He is in a band and we convinced him to sing for us.

After Kiowa, Twilight Lexicon talked about visiting the sets of New Moon and Twilight. They also had footage of interviews with Kristen and Taylor from the Twilight set. That interview with Taylor was hands down the best I’ve ever seen. Now I do love Taylor, but it always slightly annoys me how pc he is in interviews. I have never seen Taylor more unguarded as he was in the Lexicon interview. It was like I finally got a glimpse at the real Taylor and he’s adorable.

Next came Tinsel Korey (Emily). This chick is awesome. She’s super tiny. When she was on stage, I felt like I was 15 again and at a slumber party. She gushed over Paul Walker and then Kellan Lutz. Someone informed her that Tinsel and Kellan like the same candy and her response was "Oh my gosh, it’s totally meant to be." At one point during the Q&A session, a little girl raised her hand to ask a question but once the microphone got to her she was too embarrassed to ask, so Tinsel jumped off the stage and ran to the little girl who was near the back of the room. The girl got to ask her question and then Tinsel invited her on stage. For the rest of the Q&A, she sat with her arm around the girl and when it was all over she took her backstage. I think she would make a great role model for young girls. One of my favorite quotes from her was “Love shouldn’t hurt.”

Finally, Gil was on stage again. We convinced him to sing for us too. The whole time him and Kiowa (backstage) would randomly howl to each other. After that, was autographs from all three stars. You’ve already heard about Frankie AS’s Gil moment *completely jealous.*

We still haven’t mentioned “the bedazzlers” as Frankie AS and I dubbed them. (Me-I actually have a picture of one of the aforementioned bedazzled jackets. But, I felt it was too mean to post here. But, the Mox and I will be able to snicker for all eternity...hehe) There was two of them and they were obviously Twimoms. They both had jackets with pictures of Edward on the back that were bedazzled and painted all to hell. I know we’re all geeks at Twicon but as I told Frankie AS, the bedazzling is "taking a step". The worst part was that they had even bedazzled Rob’s eyes. I don’t care what it is or why you did it, sticking something through someone’s eyes is just a wee bit demented.

The end.

(Me-Sorry this was posted so late. I suck.)