Monday, March 1, 2010

VD hiatus

What is up with The Vampire Diaires not coming back until like March 18th or something? It was actually starting to get interesting. I hate that the chick that Jeremy actually starts to like is a vampire. I had hope that maybe he could have a normal relationship. And the fact that he actually knows about effing vampires now? Pretty awesome.

This is evil of me...but I'm glad the witch's damn grandmother is dead. Now let's just kill Bonnie's character and we won't have to deal with that lame ass storyline anymore.

Oh and Stefan is such a punk. He's the whole damn reason Damon is suffering. He is such a sell-out. "Wahhh. I gotta tell Dad that Katherine is a vampire. And I have to help capture her so he will still respect me." What a little bitch. Damon loved her and I hope he snaps Stefan's weak little neck.

And Elena needs to wake up and get her sex on with Damon. She is still a whiny little stick. Could we make her character a little more interesting and have her fuck the bad boy, please?

Anyway, since we have to wait so long for the show to come back, I thought I'd post a little clip that cracks me and the roomie up:

Guess where we're from? How many times can they say Georgia? lol.

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