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Twicon...days two and three

So Saturday, I was a little less excited because I assumed that the best part (P. Fach) was over. I was wrong-o.

The Lexicon talked about their red carpet experiences at the premiere of Twilight and New Moon. Oh, and Remember Me!!! No bigs. One of the girls actually got to be at the red carpet that Monday before Twicon. So cool. She told us about her experiences. Blah de blah. Nothing too spectacular to write about here. Just generally pretty cool to hear about.

Next was Daniel Cudmore, the guy who played Felix. I will be the first to admit that I wasn't really excited for him. I was really sad that more of the cast from Twilight wasn't there. It was mostly folks from New Moon. Anywho, I was wrong-o again. He turned out to be an incredibly funny guy, who just happens to be quite good looking (I will let the Mox tell you all about that). He is VERY tall and maybe a bit intimidating, but he was very nice when he signed my book.

After that was the Twilight Moms panel, which we didn't catch all of. The cute red-haired lady who sold me the cupcake charm ended up being a TwiMom. They seemed like cool ladies. They talked about some current books they are reading that I must get up on. Like Hunger Games (which is currently collecting dust on my bookshelf. Uh-hum. Thanks fanfiction.) and this series called The Black Dagger Brotherhood. They also talked about the Sookie series (which I am almost caught up on. As we speak, I am reading the last published one. I know a new one comes out in May, so I gotta be up to snuff.) And I am probably the only person on the planet who is Team Bill. Oh well. They also talked about how Twilight has created this great community for us fans to connect and I completely agree. It is so cool to see all of these people out there who have profoundly been affected by these stories and have connected with other people because of them. It makes me excited that literature, yes literature, is responsible for something so cool. Gush, gush. I'm done.

Next was Gil Birmingham. He was so cool. Very laid back and "down with the conventions." Yes, he said that. He was very humble and just generally very nice. And his muscles...oi vay. I will let Mox explain to you the second hand embarassment of being a southerner during his Q&A. Gil actually came back the next day and had a 2nd Q&A session and autograph session. Too cool.

After Gil was Christopher Heyerdahl who plays Marcus. And he is completely the opposite of his character. Which, I suppose, is what makes a good actor, right? Well, if you saw him on the street you wouldn't think "Hey! There's Marcus!" You would however think "Sweet baby Jesus, that guy is tall!" What is it with the Twi guys being ginormous?? He got on stage and instead of sitting in his chair, he paced the stage manically during his Q&A. He had sooo much energy. He was sort of Robin Williams-ish. Very nice, very funny. And sincerely a warm guy. He was so nice when he signed my book. Love.

Then, Mike Welch had his Q&A. He was much more reserved than he was at karaoke night. Almost shy. It was endearing. He came out with a 5 hour energy in his hand. He proceeded to gulp it down and throw it into the audience like a rock star. Of course, it hit a beam on the ceiling and bounced onto a little girl in the row behind us. But, she didn't mind. He had this goofy, apologetic look that was so adorable. He told us how he got started as an actor, which is a cool story. Turns out his mom gave a head shot to someone at the dermatologists office who treated Mila Kunis. Weird. I found out later that night while "researching" him on imdb that he was in one of my fave movies, The United States of Leland. He plays the autistic brother who is murdered. Get outta town. He's also been in Joan of Arcadia (which blew the Mox's mind) and Law & Order: SVU. I have scoured the Internets for his epi and I just can't find it. Dammit. And I don't even like that show. I know I've already told you he is so gorgeous in RL, but it's worth saying again. His eyes are the bluest blue and his hair is so thick. And he is really tan. He signed my book shyly and I had to hold in the squeeing. I fell in love.

Later that night, after much persuasion from the Mox, I got ready for the Volturi Vampire Ball. (Hey, I was exhausted. And I am much like Bella in that "I can't dance.") I always dread situations where dancing is involved. Ugh. But, alas, I put my dancin' shoes on and off we went. It turned out to be pretty fun and I'm glad I went. I had a couple of drinks and I felt pretty comfy in the atmosphere, so I did dance. Although the music was pretty shitty. Michael Welch was there for a few minutes, as were Daniel Cudmore and Chris Heyerdahl. I will let the Mox take over and tell you about her experience with the Cud and my experience with gay Edward's bf and the "chubby Edward" as I was a little drunky-drunk during all that.

And, thus the night ended.

Sunday was bittersweet. We were both exhausted and tired of getting up early, but we didn't want the weekend to end either.

First up was Kiowa Gordon, who plays Embry. We were a little late (which I hate) thanks to a need for Caribou Coffee. He was younger than I thought. Only 19. He's in a band and he actually is Native American. He seemed a little nervous about being there. He was pretty reserved and quite serious for someone so young, but again I think it was nerves. He sang for us, which was pretty cool.

Next, the Lexicon talked about their on set experiences for Twilight and New Moon. I loved this panel! It was so cool to hear how things were on set before everything exploded. I would have loved to have been there when people were actually allowed on set. Lori showed us some personal footage she got of Tyler and Kristen on the set of Twilight. It was obvi amateur, but so cool. It was like Twilight: Unplugged or something. Very raw Kristen and Taylor. They looked so young and were so excited to be a part of the experience. Lori told us that both Kristen and Taylor are extremely nice and that Kristen is def. a method actress. Cool.

Tinsel Korey was up next. She is quite possibly the sweetest girl ever. And so tiny. Itsy bitsy. Man, give her a sandwich. (j/k...I'm jealous). She is really funny and laid back. I think I'm gonna let Mox explain her Q&A since I'm lazy and she will probably write it better than me. The Mox might be a little in love with Tinsel, I'm afraid. I will share with you something that Tinsel said that I found really moving. When asked what the best advice she had ever received was, she said that her agent told her once "Never think that who you are isn't enough." Tears. No srsly, that was pretty cool.

And last, but not least was Gil, again. I thought it was so cool that he was gracious enough to offer up another Q&A, and not TOO many questions were repeated. This session was a little more informal and Kiowa and Tinsel even came out into the audience to ask some of their own questions for Gil. It was so cute! One question that was asked of Gil, I have been dying to know the answer to: What does Jacob say to Bella right before he is about to kiss her in the kitchen? Tinsel actually stood up and answered this one. She said that the Quiluetes believe that what is said between two people is sacred and for them to understand, not others. And out of respect for those individuals, they won't reveal what was said. Which is kinda frustrating, I know. But, also really beautiful, I think.

After his Q&A, Gil signed my book and there was a life altering moment. I got up to him and he looked right at me and said "You're all red." (I was wearing my cute red plaid tunic with a wide black belt over my black leggings.) And I SWEAR he said this next part: "You look goooood in red." Heart stops. I look around to see if anyone else in the universe heard this. I thought maybe the Mox had missed it cuz she was kinda talking to someone else during this. As we walked away, she told me that she had indeed heard it!!!! I wanted to die. Gil Birmingham, Jacob Black's dad, thinks I look good in red. Gulp. Greatness.

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend and we are def. going again next year. Yeah, it was pricey, but it was so worth it. It was a really intimate look at these actors who play our beloved characters. It was cool to be around like-minded freaks who are all obsessive about the same thing I am. If you have the opportunity to go to the Twicon near you, I say to you "What the eff are you waiting for???"

Fave moment of the weekend: When Michael Welch was asked to impersonate Rob, he started singing in this incomprehensible, warbly voice, which was so spot-on Rob it was eery. Hilariousness!!!

Tired Mox and Frankie AS:

And like a proud mama, I show you my signed books:

Peace, my fellow Twi freaks! Love you all!!

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  1. I forgot about chubby Edward!!! Oh and you called Taylor Tyler at one point in the blog.