Monday, March 1, 2010

New fanfic...and Twicon!!!

First, I gotta say - what the flip is up with censoring everyone's effing stories. Now I have to navigate's retarded website to read my fave fics. No fairs.

So, Clipped Wings & Inked Armour is over. And I am sad, but a little relieved. Now I can move on. I felt like we got a good resolution. And more hot sex.

Still a few chappies left of Emancipation Proclamation (I think) and I was loling at the shoot out. Getting intense, but can we have some loving? Edward's dick is being so neglected.

Master of the Universe is great as ever, but is starting to get a little long. I hope an ending is in that involves chains...

Univeristy of Edward Masen is frustrating the hell out of me. How patient can one man be???? Seriously, Edward! Man up. She wants it!

Oh, and have you guys read this little gem. Yeah there is a hot, guitar playing, angsty Edward. Good times.

My newest addiction: Hide and Drink. Thanks, Sarah. I will never read another, actual, book again. With stories like this one I will never venture out of my little fic world. My first vampire fic and I'm loving it.

And, I don't think I ever commented on the WA epilogue FINNNNNALLLY posting. I am so sad that it is over. This was the fic that started it all. I never once was bored with this story. I really cared about the characters in this one. And I wanted Edward and Bella to heal. For once, it wasn't all about the sex. :)

Last, but not least, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update The Blessing and The Curse TBA!! I need to have more Possessiveward. NOW.

Oh.......and guess what???? Twicon is in 4 days and I am so psyched. The awesomeness that is March has started the ball rolling. I can't wait to see Mr. PFach and Mr. Mike Newton. OH and I hope there is lots of cool shit to blow money on. And lots of Eclipse clips......yummmmm.

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