Monday, March 8, 2010

KoL never fails

So I just picked up Because of the Times and I's a must listen.

Like Aha Shake Hearbreak it took 3 go-rounds of listening before I fell in love. At first it was ehhhh, at second it was hmmmm, at third it is WHOOOOOA.

I immediately fell in love with Only By the Night and I just knew that would be the case with Aha Shake wasn't. I initially loved Soft and that was pretty much it. Then I fell in love with Four Kicks and The Bucket and everytime I listen to that CD I fall in love with a new song. It has surpassed Only By the Night for me.

Right now, I am loving McFearless and On Call from Because of the Times and I have a sneaking suspicion that this one might soon surpass Aha Shake Heartbreak.

This band is phenomenal and each new song is love. They are pure WIN.

As we speak, I am working on my TwiCon post. It is always hard for me to write these event posts. I have so much crammed in my head and expressing the sheer awesomeness to others is hard....

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  1. LOVE Me some KoL and is it sad, that I think the singer is cute too? Um, er, will that helps... I can't wait to see your TwiCon post!