Monday, February 8, 2010

Fanfiction should not have this much influence on my everday decisions...

So fanfiction influences me...a lot. From what I wear to what I drink.

At Christmas I had to buy every girl in my life one of these lovely giant cupcake cookie jars:

My roommate bought me the little cupcake. Aren't they so cute? Can you guess which fanfiction caused my cupcake obsession? I just bought some panties that have cupcakes all over them. And I bought this whole bath set with cupcake scented body wash and cupcake shaped soap. All because of this sexy tattooed man.

Yesterday I was at work and I open the freezer to find a lovely cup of vanilla ice cream and I can't help but think of Master of the Universe. Mmmmm. What a sexy and delicious story. (Oh and the ice cream didn't belong to anyone, by the way. Our boss orders ice cream from Schwan's once a month for us to eat.) Oh and Saturday night at dinner I wanted to order white wine (I've never had it. I'm more of a tequila girl.) just because of this story. I couldn't help but think of burning green eyes and a certain brunette's belly button. It just made me smile thinking of it.

Instead of the white wine, I ordered a flirtini. Why? Read this  fuckhawt story to find out. OH Edward Cullen in a bowtie AND glasses. Yum.

It's so fun to have these secret moments that only fanfic fans would understand. I can't tell you how many times everyday mundane items have brought a tingle to my....

Goodbye my fellow pervs! I love you all!

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  1. It is funny how much fanfic has influenced me, from unicorns to cupcakes, etc... :)