Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The best of 2009...really, really late

So, I suck. But, here it is:
My best of 2009:

1. Twilight (Although this obsession technically started in 2008, I have been obsessed for the entirety of 2009, so it counts. Hey - my blog, my rules.)

Hello, did anyone think this wouldn't be on my list? I'm gonna do this Sophia style: Picture it: November 2008, I see a commercial for this little vampire movie, and I think "That might be interesting to see." I visit my local theatre expecting mediocrity, and am completely blown away. Life changed. Period. I don't know what else to say about this that I haven't already said. This series has completely enriched my life and helped me rediscover my passion for reading after a HUGE hiatus while I was in college. Thank you Stephenie. You have no idea how much these books have meant and continue to mean to me.

2. My hunk of burning love, Mr. Robert Pattinson

Another thing to thank Stephenie for. And Catherine. I'm not sure I would have ever discovered this beautiful, endearing, intelligent, delicious, talented man without the brilliance of Stephenie and Catherine. Again, I won't get lengthy here because clearly I talk about him A LOT on this blog, so you all know why I love the man. His talent continually blows me away. He is so much more than Edward Cullen. I have discovered an amazing band I would probably have never given a chance if it weren't for him (you'll hear about them later in the list). I also discovered Tim Brantley at a concert for his amazing friend Bobby. I have gone to awesome concerts for the Brit pack. I have spent countless hours drooling. I have spent way too much time reading filthy fanfiction I probably wouldn't have read if he hadn't of piqued my interest by talking about us dirty girls in an interview. I love you Rob. Have my baby?

3. These beautiful boys:

Thud. I absolutely love these guys and I would never have given them a chance if not for Mr. Pattz. Of course I love Only By the Night, but my favorite album is Aha Shake Heartbreak. Four Kicks awakens my soul. And Milk? AMAZING. This band has consumed the last 3 months of my life. And only about 2 weeks ago did I discover what they looked like. Jesus.

4. This blog.
This is been one of the best things of my year. It is so cathardic here. I can be a total obsessive nut and it's cool. I have discovered that I am not psycho thanks to the lovely blogosphere. And I love my followers. Thank you all so much for reading my nonsense. It makes me feel like someone might actually care what I have to say. I love you all so much! Special thanks to Honolulu Girl, one of my first followers and a faithful commenter.

5. My new red hair!

Pure awesomeness. I have gotten so many compliments on this color that it makes me wonder how bad I looked as a blonde? Haha.

6. Living with the bestie

I have gotten to do so many awesome things living in Atlanta with Sarah. We have helped each other live a little fuller life. We are both kind of reserved and I think living together, we have forced each other to do things maybe we wouldn't have done otherwise. Awesome concerts, countless dinners, a few drunken nights (mostly me), amazing Halloween, tons of Twilight conversations/arguments, movie marathons, and fight and run (again, mostly me) matches. I love her. And I can't wait for March's Twilight/Rob madness! Thanks for sharing the madness with me!

7. New York

I have dreamed for so long of going here and I finally made it. And it really cemented in my mind that I can do anything that I dream of. I felt so empowered making this first big trip without having my parents help me along. It was so spontaneous and wonderful. There were a few bumps getting there, but I made it. And I got to go with Sarah, which made it all the more special. We will never forget this trip.

8. No Doubt/Paramore concert

Epic. I have loved No Doubt for 10 years and to finally hear the songs live that have meant so much to me was more than I could imagine. I will never forget hearing Gwen scream those epic words "Don't tell me cuz it hurts!"

9. Quentin Tarantino

I really developed a true appreciation for Q this year. His directing is pure WIN. I love all of his movies and can't talk enough about his genius. My favorites? Kill Bill: Volume 1/2, Inglourious Basterds, and of course, Pulp Fiction. If I could play one character from a movie, it would be Beatrix Kiddo. Most bad ass woman ever. And every Halloween I say I am going to dress up as Gogo Ubari. It never happens though. Maybe next year. His movies always surprise me and inspire me. Can't wait for what he has planned next.

I started this post sort of grumpily. Today hasn't been the best, but in writing it, I realize I have so much to be thankful for. If I was reading this post on someone else's blog, I'd be kinda envious. This year was kind of amazing for me. Here's to hoping 2010 will be as bad ass.

Love you all!


  1. Love your blog (found it on twitarded) to read and I heart RPattz a ton as well. Infact my Sis & I are so RPattz & Twi obsessed we started a blog too.
    Check it out if you're interested.
    If you dig it..follow us.
    Jen from So Twired

  2. I was so happy to see your post! and I've gotta say, you & I seem to have discovered Twilight about the same time. Only I read the book first and then HAD to go see the movie, which was in theaters then & like you said, my life has never been the same. Of course within a week I had discovered dozens & dozens of Rob vids & fell in love almost immediately. (The first Rob vid I found was SexBomb, showing him in his Cedric days but even at 19 he was a-freaking-mazing!) Thanks to Rob I also discovered KOL, now one of my all-time favorite bands. I actually got their Live in London dvd for christmas...sooooooooo good! Now...the other things you listed are still on my dream list. I really don't have a RL BFF, you are very lucky to have such a good friend. I'm not complaining though, I have tons of bloggy friends that I've met this year! I am absolutely dying to go to NY, I've promised myself I'll go this year! I don't have the time or wit to run my own blog but I'm very glad you do! And I'm so jealous u got to see Gwen & Paramore. My daughter has seen Paramore at least 6 or 7 times & says they are awesome live. Seeing them & KOL this year (oh, and of course, actually meeting Rob in person) would make my 2010 the best ever & I'm gonna do my best to do as many of them as possible! Ok, I'm rambling now, so I'll go. I'm glad you've had a good year & shared it with us!

  3. I'm finally commenting (hey you were late posting, I get to be late commenting). This post cheered me up. 09 didn't end that great for me but looking back it really was an awesome year. Going to NY, getting out of that hell whole I worked at, going back to school, moving in with you, meeting Sam and Bobby (can't believe that wasn't on your list), actually doing well in school, and finding the man of my dreams even if he doesn't know I exist . . .
    Yeah, my life really did change for the better in 2009. It makes me excited for 2010 even if I'm not sure what it will bring.