Friday, August 6, 2010

Mike Newton announces "You're alive!!"

I'm back biatches! That's right. I'm alive. Sorry I have been MIA for so long. I sort of had this whole thing with this boy that distracted me from my wonderful bloggy. You see, I was spending the time I would normally blog, with him. Seeing as how my blog won't make out with me, he was the more logical choice, right? Anyway, that whole thing ended pretty disastrously, as most of my relationships do. Alas, that coupled with work has kept me away for far too long. And I have found something so wonderful that I just had to put it on my blog and squee with my fellow bloggers. Here be the holy grail:

Also, I thought you guys might be interested in what I did last Sunday. You see, Robert Pattinson was filming this little movie called Water for Elephants. I'm not sure if you've heard of it. Whatev. Anyway, he filmed some of his scenes in Chickamauga, GA (yes, it's a real place) and Chattanooga, TN. Both of these happen to be about 2 hours from me and myself and the Mox were a few of the lucky ones who got to visit. Although we didn't get to see His Wonderfulness we did get some pictures of the house where he filmed and also of the Benzini Bros. We also have some hilarious stories about our visit. I promise to share these in my next post. See you soon!

P.S. I have really missed this place. I had forgotten what a little sanctuary my blog is.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Pretty random, I know. I love her and I would dress like that everyday if I could. sigh.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Mox's fic

You guys aren't reading this awesome new fic The Looking Glass, huh? Why not???

Check out this video and then go read the fic.

You won't regret it. I'm telling you, it's getting good. Nice and angsty, the way I like it.

See if you can guess why I love this video so much...

Listen close at 4:58. sigh.

Twicon days 2 and 3...from the Mox

Day 2

So Frankie AS (yeah I changed her name again. Ask her what it means) (Me-I'll never tell....) stole my P. Fach thunder. I will say I was ridiculously jealous of her whole "I had a crush on a girl named Frances" story. That was until Peter Facinelli sat down next to me! The crazy thing was we weren't even sitting in those seats originally. We ended up having to boot someone else out of our seats. Then there was a mom and daughter sitting closer to the end of row, but it just so happened that they had walked out of the room right before P. Fach jumped off the stage. (Me-We were both like "If they knew what just happened..." I mean what shitty luck they had!) So, you see, it was all an act of God that P. Fach sat next to me.

Confession time: Before Twicon weekend I had been struggling with my love for Twilight (Me-I was ashamed once too...) Last year, I remember being embarrassed to buy the Twilight DVD. I enjoyed all things Twilight, but I kept it a secret. I had been ashamed. But after Twicon (or more specifically after having P. Fach lean against me) I fly my Twilight nerd flag proudly! Yes, I have come out of the closet and I'm saying it loud: I AM A TWILIGHT FAN AND I'M PROUD!

Okay, I will step off of my soap box now and continue with day 2.

The first star we saw was Daniel Cudmore aka Felix. Let me begin by saying he is tall, tall, tall, which for me equals win, win, win. Yes, I now have a crush on Daniel Cudmore. It is nowhere near my love for Rob, but I do enjoy looking at Daniel. Not only is he tall, but he has thick dark hair, a muscular build, (Me-that's putting it mildly!) great arms (which is another weakness of mine), and huge hands...heh heh. Someone in the audience asked for a bear hug and he said he only gives "man hugs." After staring at his arms for the better part of an hour, I knew I had to have a Daniel Cudmore "man hug." He turned out to be really funny and gracious.

Little side note: All of the stars were amusing and extremely gracious. They really do love their fans. Also, everyone looks way better in person than they do in the movies, which makes me wonder: Is it possible for Rob to look better in person? If so, I imagine  I would go blind. To look at him would be like staring directly into the sun. But I digress.

Back to Daniel. He said that originally, he auditioned for a role as one of the bikers (who Bella hops a ride with to get her "adrenaline rush", thus inducing her Edward hallucinations). He said that when he got a call back for the role of Felix, there was a miscommunication and he thought that he was still auditioning for the biker part. When he figured out what was going on, he thought he completely blew it. Needless to say, he got the role.

Cuteness: When asked how tall he is, his response is "twice as tall as half my height."

When I got his autograph, I made him laugh by complaining about the commonality of my name (which is not Mox). Total score. That night at the vampire ball, I worked up the nerve to ask for a picture with him. Yes, I wimped out on asking for the hug, but he still put his arm around me and I got to touch his back. Swoon!

The next star was Gil Birmingham aka Billy Black. He also looked delicious. I would have no problem with Gil being my sugar daddy. Whenever he was telling a story about Taylor, he would pause and say "Taylor. Taylor Lautner." At one point he even said "I'm down with the convention." Super adorable. Gil had to be extremely patient to deal with the stupid white people there. Twice in a row he was asked about his nationality. Then some woman with a thick accent exclaimed loudly "Comanche? What's that?!" (Me-stupid pale faces!) Then someone asked what his tribe had in common with the Quileutes. Amazingly, he gave serious answers to all of the questions. We didn't get his autograph until day three, so I will come back to that later. I know Frankie AS will have a lot to say about Gil on day 3. (Me-for the rest of my life...)

After Gil, came Christopher Heyerdahl aka Marcus. I was impressed with how much thought he put into the role. Marcus is a comparatively smaller role, yet Christopher delved into his story and his motivations. Everyone asked him about his lack of socks in the movie. His rationale was that Marcus would be too apathetic about life to bother with socks.

Chris shared a story about the fight scene between Edward and Felix. When Rob landed on the marble stairs at Marcus' feet, he looked up and said "great slippers." (Me-so utterly Rob.)

The last star we saw this day was Michael Welch. He is one of those people who simply cannot be still. I got a little dizzy watching him. When he first walked on stage, he chugged an energy drink and then pitched the empty bottle into the crowd. The bottle bounced off a beam in the ceiling and landed in the row behind me. The bottle never came close enough to me to cause a danger, but I stil flinched when it hit the beam. Michael saw that and mouthed "Sorry." to me. Oh, and he re-enacted the butt shake dance from Twilight. (Me-this was complete and utter WIN! Every time I would see that scene in the theatre, I would giggle. In fact, it still makes me giggle.) He also did impressions of the other actors, including Rob and Kristen. His Kristen involved a lot of blinking and tucking his hair behind his ear. Cuteness.

Day 3

First up was Kiowa Gordon (Embry Call). He was cute in a younger brother sort of way. In fact, he reminded me a lot of my 14 year old step-brother (ironically named Jacob). He seemed like a typical teenage boy. He is in a band and we convinced him to sing for us.

After Kiowa, Twilight Lexicon talked about visiting the sets of New Moon and Twilight. They also had footage of interviews with Kristen and Taylor from the Twilight set. That interview with Taylor was hands down the best I’ve ever seen. Now I do love Taylor, but it always slightly annoys me how pc he is in interviews. I have never seen Taylor more unguarded as he was in the Lexicon interview. It was like I finally got a glimpse at the real Taylor and he’s adorable.

Next came Tinsel Korey (Emily). This chick is awesome. She’s super tiny. When she was on stage, I felt like I was 15 again and at a slumber party. She gushed over Paul Walker and then Kellan Lutz. Someone informed her that Tinsel and Kellan like the same candy and her response was "Oh my gosh, it’s totally meant to be." At one point during the Q&A session, a little girl raised her hand to ask a question but once the microphone got to her she was too embarrassed to ask, so Tinsel jumped off the stage and ran to the little girl who was near the back of the room. The girl got to ask her question and then Tinsel invited her on stage. For the rest of the Q&A, she sat with her arm around the girl and when it was all over she took her backstage. I think she would make a great role model for young girls. One of my favorite quotes from her was “Love shouldn’t hurt.”

Finally, Gil was on stage again. We convinced him to sing for us too. The whole time him and Kiowa (backstage) would randomly howl to each other. After that, was autographs from all three stars. You’ve already heard about Frankie AS’s Gil moment *completely jealous.*

We still haven’t mentioned “the bedazzlers” as Frankie AS and I dubbed them. (Me-I actually have a picture of one of the aforementioned bedazzled jackets. But, I felt it was too mean to post here. But, the Mox and I will be able to snicker for all eternity...hehe) There was two of them and they were obviously Twimoms. They both had jackets with pictures of Edward on the back that were bedazzled and painted all to hell. I know we’re all geeks at Twicon but as I told Frankie AS, the bedazzling is "taking a step". The worst part was that they had even bedazzled Rob’s eyes. I don’t care what it is or why you did it, sticking something through someone’s eyes is just a wee bit demented.

The end.

(Me-Sorry this was posted so late. I suck.)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Twicon...days two and three

So Saturday, I was a little less excited because I assumed that the best part (P. Fach) was over. I was wrong-o.

The Lexicon talked about their red carpet experiences at the premiere of Twilight and New Moon. Oh, and Remember Me!!! No bigs. One of the girls actually got to be at the red carpet that Monday before Twicon. So cool. She told us about her experiences. Blah de blah. Nothing too spectacular to write about here. Just generally pretty cool to hear about.

Next was Daniel Cudmore, the guy who played Felix. I will be the first to admit that I wasn't really excited for him. I was really sad that more of the cast from Twilight wasn't there. It was mostly folks from New Moon. Anywho, I was wrong-o again. He turned out to be an incredibly funny guy, who just happens to be quite good looking (I will let the Mox tell you all about that). He is VERY tall and maybe a bit intimidating, but he was very nice when he signed my book.

After that was the Twilight Moms panel, which we didn't catch all of. The cute red-haired lady who sold me the cupcake charm ended up being a TwiMom. They seemed like cool ladies. They talked about some current books they are reading that I must get up on. Like Hunger Games (which is currently collecting dust on my bookshelf. Uh-hum. Thanks fanfiction.) and this series called The Black Dagger Brotherhood. They also talked about the Sookie series (which I am almost caught up on. As we speak, I am reading the last published one. I know a new one comes out in May, so I gotta be up to snuff.) And I am probably the only person on the planet who is Team Bill. Oh well. They also talked about how Twilight has created this great community for us fans to connect and I completely agree. It is so cool to see all of these people out there who have profoundly been affected by these stories and have connected with other people because of them. It makes me excited that literature, yes literature, is responsible for something so cool. Gush, gush. I'm done.

Next was Gil Birmingham. He was so cool. Very laid back and "down with the conventions." Yes, he said that. He was very humble and just generally very nice. And his muscles...oi vay. I will let Mox explain to you the second hand embarassment of being a southerner during his Q&A. Gil actually came back the next day and had a 2nd Q&A session and autograph session. Too cool.

After Gil was Christopher Heyerdahl who plays Marcus. And he is completely the opposite of his character. Which, I suppose, is what makes a good actor, right? Well, if you saw him on the street you wouldn't think "Hey! There's Marcus!" You would however think "Sweet baby Jesus, that guy is tall!" What is it with the Twi guys being ginormous?? He got on stage and instead of sitting in his chair, he paced the stage manically during his Q&A. He had sooo much energy. He was sort of Robin Williams-ish. Very nice, very funny. And sincerely a warm guy. He was so nice when he signed my book. Love.

Then, Mike Welch had his Q&A. He was much more reserved than he was at karaoke night. Almost shy. It was endearing. He came out with a 5 hour energy in his hand. He proceeded to gulp it down and throw it into the audience like a rock star. Of course, it hit a beam on the ceiling and bounced onto a little girl in the row behind us. But, she didn't mind. He had this goofy, apologetic look that was so adorable. He told us how he got started as an actor, which is a cool story. Turns out his mom gave a head shot to someone at the dermatologists office who treated Mila Kunis. Weird. I found out later that night while "researching" him on imdb that he was in one of my fave movies, The United States of Leland. He plays the autistic brother who is murdered. Get outta town. He's also been in Joan of Arcadia (which blew the Mox's mind) and Law & Order: SVU. I have scoured the Internets for his epi and I just can't find it. Dammit. And I don't even like that show. I know I've already told you he is so gorgeous in RL, but it's worth saying again. His eyes are the bluest blue and his hair is so thick. And he is really tan. He signed my book shyly and I had to hold in the squeeing. I fell in love.

Later that night, after much persuasion from the Mox, I got ready for the Volturi Vampire Ball. (Hey, I was exhausted. And I am much like Bella in that "I can't dance.") I always dread situations where dancing is involved. Ugh. But, alas, I put my dancin' shoes on and off we went. It turned out to be pretty fun and I'm glad I went. I had a couple of drinks and I felt pretty comfy in the atmosphere, so I did dance. Although the music was pretty shitty. Michael Welch was there for a few minutes, as were Daniel Cudmore and Chris Heyerdahl. I will let the Mox take over and tell you about her experience with the Cud and my experience with gay Edward's bf and the "chubby Edward" as I was a little drunky-drunk during all that.

And, thus the night ended.

Sunday was bittersweet. We were both exhausted and tired of getting up early, but we didn't want the weekend to end either.

First up was Kiowa Gordon, who plays Embry. We were a little late (which I hate) thanks to a need for Caribou Coffee. He was younger than I thought. Only 19. He's in a band and he actually is Native American. He seemed a little nervous about being there. He was pretty reserved and quite serious for someone so young, but again I think it was nerves. He sang for us, which was pretty cool.

Next, the Lexicon talked about their on set experiences for Twilight and New Moon. I loved this panel! It was so cool to hear how things were on set before everything exploded. I would have loved to have been there when people were actually allowed on set. Lori showed us some personal footage she got of Tyler and Kristen on the set of Twilight. It was obvi amateur, but so cool. It was like Twilight: Unplugged or something. Very raw Kristen and Taylor. They looked so young and were so excited to be a part of the experience. Lori told us that both Kristen and Taylor are extremely nice and that Kristen is def. a method actress. Cool.

Tinsel Korey was up next. She is quite possibly the sweetest girl ever. And so tiny. Itsy bitsy. Man, give her a sandwich. (j/k...I'm jealous). She is really funny and laid back. I think I'm gonna let Mox explain her Q&A since I'm lazy and she will probably write it better than me. The Mox might be a little in love with Tinsel, I'm afraid. I will share with you something that Tinsel said that I found really moving. When asked what the best advice she had ever received was, she said that her agent told her once "Never think that who you are isn't enough." Tears. No srsly, that was pretty cool.

And last, but not least was Gil, again. I thought it was so cool that he was gracious enough to offer up another Q&A, and not TOO many questions were repeated. This session was a little more informal and Kiowa and Tinsel even came out into the audience to ask some of their own questions for Gil. It was so cute! One question that was asked of Gil, I have been dying to know the answer to: What does Jacob say to Bella right before he is about to kiss her in the kitchen? Tinsel actually stood up and answered this one. She said that the Quiluetes believe that what is said between two people is sacred and for them to understand, not others. And out of respect for those individuals, they won't reveal what was said. Which is kinda frustrating, I know. But, also really beautiful, I think.

After his Q&A, Gil signed my book and there was a life altering moment. I got up to him and he looked right at me and said "You're all red." (I was wearing my cute red plaid tunic with a wide black belt over my black leggings.) And I SWEAR he said this next part: "You look goooood in red." Heart stops. I look around to see if anyone else in the universe heard this. I thought maybe the Mox had missed it cuz she was kinda talking to someone else during this. As we walked away, she told me that she had indeed heard it!!!! I wanted to die. Gil Birmingham, Jacob Black's dad, thinks I look good in red. Gulp. Greatness.

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend and we are def. going again next year. Yeah, it was pricey, but it was so worth it. It was a really intimate look at these actors who play our beloved characters. It was cool to be around like-minded freaks who are all obsessive about the same thing I am. If you have the opportunity to go to the Twicon near you, I say to you "What the eff are you waiting for???"

Fave moment of the weekend: When Michael Welch was asked to impersonate Rob, he started singing in this incomprehensible, warbly voice, which was so spot-on Rob it was eery. Hilariousness!!!

Tired Mox and Frankie AS:

And like a proud mama, I show you my signed books:

Peace, my fellow Twi freaks! Love you all!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Two of my great loves

How perfect is this? Mrs. Kitty+Twilight=happy, happy Frances.

I had to stop myself from buying these. I settled on a photoshoot.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010 1

Friday: This is the day I was most excited for. Peter Facinelli (Dr. Carlisle Cullen himself) was coming and I was a little beside myself about it.

We got to the hotel around 11 that morning and we parked at the mall next door. Yay for free parking! We registered and entered the vendors room. I gotta say, I was a little undewhelmed. There were mostly T-shirts you could find most anywhere. Water bottles with the Cullen crest, Scene It! Twilight version, and posters I already owned were everywhere. There was a table with colored contacts that I saw 0 people approach all 3 days. There were two tables with Twilight themed jewelry. The best one (IMHO) was run by an awesome red-haired TwiMom who looked to be about my age. I bought this cute cupcake charm from her table.

She said that she hadn't read CW&IA and she made the cupcake charm simply because she liked cupcakes. I bought it, well, because I love cupcakes too. But I love cupcakes because of CW&IA, so yea....I love it because only I (and a few other Twi crazies) know what it means. It doesn't scream Team Edward or Team Jacob. And I like that. She was also selling cute necklaces with pages of the Twi books cut out and lacquered onto bottle caps. My favorite thing she was selling were pictures she had taken in Forks that were framed in silver frames and attached to actual forks. There was a B&W pic of First Beach  with an apple sitting on the sand that was in color. It was beautiful. The ocean was sort of out of focus and the apple was so vibrantly red. I didn't buy it though. I was trying to contain myself. I wonder if I could find her stuff on etsy...

The other tables were selling out of print soundtracks, Alice and Wonderland posters/Harry Potter posters/Twi posters, and pics of the cast.

The Hillywood show also had a table.

Oh, about Hillywood. I gotta say I wasn't a first. I went in assuming, well, I'm not sure exactly. I guess I am a bit sensitive about people poking fun at something I hold so near and dear to my heart. But, when you see them in person, you can really see that they are fans too. And I'm ok with it now. Plus, they are just plain funny and really nice. They made great hosts for the weekend. And it's obvious that they work really hard. If they didn't love Twilight, then would just be silly of them, now wouldn't it? Oh.....and fake Jacob, you kinda make me wanna switch teams. HOTNESS.

After ogling the goodies at the TwiMom's table, we went in and were introduced to the weekend by the Hillywood show. They screened their New Moon parody (which I hadn't seen). I loved it! It realllllly made me want March 20th to come even faster.

Next, the Twilight Lexicon had a little panel. I was excited because this was one of the first Twi websites I started regularly visiting. Lori Joffs was there and she showed us a video driving tour of Forks, which was so awesome. I have to go there this summer!
And because the Lexicon is so awesome they gave everyone in the audience this cute FREE bag. Or a "swag bag" as the roomie likes to call it.
Next was a Twilight trivia contest. I decided to participate and was pwned. On the second, yes the SECOND question I was out! I can no longer call myself a fan....(NOT). I was nervous, okay??

Then we got to see on-screen interviews with Kristen, Rob, Dakota, and the Wolfpack. Pretty cool.
Then it was time for the man. Mr. PFACH!! I'm sorry that I suck at taking pictures, but I just do. I'm showing ya the best I got:

Peter was so incredibly nice and funny. In fact, I can go ahead and say that about all of the cast that appeared. Everyone was completely amazing. So humble and kind and welcoming to their fans. The sets for these movies must have been a blast to work on. All of the ones that we met were so warm and funny. No ego in any of them.

P. answered all of our questions thouroughly and with a great sense of humor. (Even the really stupid ones you know he gets ALL of the time). But, I can't complain cuz I didn't ask any questions. I can never think of anything original enough to ask. My fave question (that was asked of all of the cast members) was "Who would win in a fight, you or Rob? Of course P. said himself. As did every other cast member who was asked. Even Tinsel. Hilarious!

After Peter, they screened the first half of Twilight (which was more like the first 30 min. but w/e). Then it was time for autographs. When I got up to Peter, he was talking to a fan about how he should speak Italian in Breaking Dawn. And he said "It would be hot, right?" Melt. I wanted to say "Yeah, so there's this fanfic where you are totally in the mob. And you speak Italian, like, all the time. And it IS hot." But I didn't. Thank God. When he signed my book he commented on my name. "Frances. I had a crush on a girl named Frances in middle school, but I was too shy to tell her." And I said "Oh." I'm a bafoon. And I like to make people feel awkward apparently. He continued, "It's an unusual name." Me-"It's my grandmother's." Yeah. I shouldn't be allowed to talk to celebrities. I then thanked him and he smiled his beautiful smile and I floated away....

As we were leaving the hotel to break for dinner I tried not to squeeeeeeee out loud. We walked next door to this place called Dantanna's. We both ordered burgers and fries, which were yummy, but we didn't really enjoy the dinner. I think we were so tired and the atmosphere just wasn't up to par.

After that we went to karaoke. Peter was the host for the first part. People were horrendous, as expected. During the performances, Peter decided to come sit out amongst the audience. He would move each time a new song started.

Next thing you know, this happens:

Yes, they are blurry. I told you I suck at photography. Especially when it is most important for me to be an Annie Leibovitz. But, you get the drift. PETER FACINELLI SAT DOWN NEXT TO MY FRIEND!!! It was pretty much awesome. He leaned up against her and was dancing during the song. She played it very cool. She impressed me. Bitch.

After 3 songs, Peter had to catch a plane. But, our night wasn't over. Mr. Mike Welch came out and performed for us. I have to say, he is WAY more attractive in real life. Beautiful, dark hair and clear blue eyes. He was really tan too. And soooo funny. Really hyper. A cross between Jim Carey (who he mentioned is one of his favorite comedians) and Robin Williams. Here's a blurry pic for ya:                               
Bless the man. He stayed so late during karaoke. We left after 3 hours and it had started to get reaaaaallllly boring. This same group of 12 year olds wanted to perform Kesha's 'Tick Tock' over and over and over. Bleh. And, no, we didn't perform. Sarah almost got me to do it. There were actually 2 people left ahead of us to perform when we left. But, the crowd had been lost at that point. And who wants to perform to an annoyed crowd?

And that's pretty much how the night ended. Now, I am going to do something that very much hurts my ego. I am going to allow Mox to tell her side of the weekend. Mark this. I don't like sharing my blog. She is mine. You might even say she's "Like a drug to me. My own personal brand of heroin." :) Anyway, I thought it would be cool to let you hear someone else's side of the weekend. And, I promise, the next two days will be shorter posts. Sorry this got so long. I am chatty.

And, without further ado, here's the Mox:

The first day of Twicon didn’t start off well. I was exhausted from school and lack of sleep. There was difficulty finding a parking spot (there are always issues with parking when we go out). Then there was a bit of confusion and a lot of attitude from the staff when we were registering, which included a mini panic attack because they couldn’t find our tickets. It turned out we already had our tickets and had them out right in front of the people but they weren’t paying attention. Of course, they acted like we were the ones who made a mistake.

Fortunately everything turned around once the convention officially began. First up was the Hillywood Show. I had been worried that it was going to be ridiculously corny. It turned out to be just silly enough. Plus I had to respect all the time, energy, and money that goes into their parodies. The girls who played Bella and Alice were super adorable and tiny. I’ll let Frankie F tell you about the guy who played Jacob since she really seemed to enjoy him. (Me -Yeah, she calls me Frankie F. Be jealous. Anyway, fake Jacob was super hot. If Catherine Hardwicke had cast the guys from the Hillywood show as Jacob and Edward, I would most definitely be Team Jacob).

Oh, I forgot the mention that our seats were f-ing awesome. We sat in the second row from the front near the middle of the row, giving us a perfect view of the stage. I will forever be grateful we sat there after what happened to me during the Karaoke contest but I’m jumping ahead of myself.

Next came Lori Joffs from the Twilight Lexicon who told us about the real Forks. Thanks to her, I am dying to take a trip to Forks. I want to stay on the Res but I don’t think Frankie F is feeling it. (Me - too expensive. I love the Native Americans. Don't get it flipped.) Lori also gave out canvas bags to the whole audience that have “Forks, WA: New York has the Statue of Liberty. Paris has the Eiffel Tower. London has Big Ben. We have Edward Cullen. Any more questions?” written on the front. Frankie F and I like to think of them as our swag bags. (Me - That's more like Mox likes to call them our swag bags. Whatev.)

I guess now would be a good time to mention that Edward Cullen and his boyfriend were in attendance. Yes, ladies, Edward is gay. I’m sorry but think about it, could a guy that perfect possibly be straight? Lori Joffs spotted him from the stage. We turned to look at him, when she pointed him out in the audience. Even though he sat several rows behinds us, it was ridiculously easy to pick out his perfectly chiseled face in the sea of mortals surrounding him. He went up to the stage to get a swag bag with everyone else and Frankie F asked for a picture with him. I took the picture while they posed. I was close enough to see his sparkles. He was tall and lean in his black suit. Frankie F told me he actually felt cold.
Of course from that moment on, we took note of Edward’s location the rest of the weekend and we noticed the guy with him. Call it hope or delusion but we originally thought the guy was just his wingman. I mean, where else is a guy 100% guaranteed to get laid than Edward Cullen at a Twilight convention? We learned we were wrong Saturday night at the Vampire Ball. A slightly intoxicated Frankie F called the guy over and asked if he was Edward’s wingman. He said “Wingman? No. I’m his boyfriend.” It was a harsh crash with reality for Frankie F & me but they were both such delicious eye candy that we couldn’t stay upset for long.
Meeting Edward and his boyfriend turned out to be one of my favorite things about the weekend. They’ve inspired me to write a one shot fanfic involving a gay Edward Cullen showing up at Twicon and the mischief that ensues.

And that's all folks. See you at day 2.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Why Mox is my roommate

Us talking about restoring virginity:

"You could use deli ham to rebuild your hymen." -Me

"That would give a whole new meaning to getting porked." -Mox

Monday, March 8, 2010

KoL never fails

So I just picked up Because of the Times and I's a must listen.

Like Aha Shake Hearbreak it took 3 go-rounds of listening before I fell in love. At first it was ehhhh, at second it was hmmmm, at third it is WHOOOOOA.

I immediately fell in love with Only By the Night and I just knew that would be the case with Aha Shake wasn't. I initially loved Soft and that was pretty much it. Then I fell in love with Four Kicks and The Bucket and everytime I listen to that CD I fall in love with a new song. It has surpassed Only By the Night for me.

Right now, I am loving McFearless and On Call from Because of the Times and I have a sneaking suspicion that this one might soon surpass Aha Shake Heartbreak.

This band is phenomenal and each new song is love. They are pure WIN.

As we speak, I am working on my TwiCon post. It is always hard for me to write these event posts. I have so much crammed in my head and expressing the sheer awesomeness to others is hard....

Monday, March 1, 2010

New fanfic...and Twicon!!!

First, I gotta say - what the flip is up with censoring everyone's effing stories. Now I have to navigate's retarded website to read my fave fics. No fairs.

So, Clipped Wings & Inked Armour is over. And I am sad, but a little relieved. Now I can move on. I felt like we got a good resolution. And more hot sex.

Still a few chappies left of Emancipation Proclamation (I think) and I was loling at the shoot out. Getting intense, but can we have some loving? Edward's dick is being so neglected.

Master of the Universe is great as ever, but is starting to get a little long. I hope an ending is in that involves chains...

Univeristy of Edward Masen is frustrating the hell out of me. How patient can one man be???? Seriously, Edward! Man up. She wants it!

Oh, and have you guys read this little gem. Yeah there is a hot, guitar playing, angsty Edward. Good times.

My newest addiction: Hide and Drink. Thanks, Sarah. I will never read another, actual, book again. With stories like this one I will never venture out of my little fic world. My first vampire fic and I'm loving it.

And, I don't think I ever commented on the WA epilogue FINNNNNALLLY posting. I am so sad that it is over. This was the fic that started it all. I never once was bored with this story. I really cared about the characters in this one. And I wanted Edward and Bella to heal. For once, it wasn't all about the sex. :)

Last, but not least, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update The Blessing and The Curse TBA!! I need to have more Possessiveward. NOW.

Oh.......and guess what???? Twicon is in 4 days and I am so psyched. The awesomeness that is March has started the ball rolling. I can't wait to see Mr. PFach and Mr. Mike Newton. OH and I hope there is lots of cool shit to blow money on. And lots of Eclipse clips......yummmmm.

VD hiatus

What is up with The Vampire Diaires not coming back until like March 18th or something? It was actually starting to get interesting. I hate that the chick that Jeremy actually starts to like is a vampire. I had hope that maybe he could have a normal relationship. And the fact that he actually knows about effing vampires now? Pretty awesome.

This is evil of me...but I'm glad the witch's damn grandmother is dead. Now let's just kill Bonnie's character and we won't have to deal with that lame ass storyline anymore.

Oh and Stefan is such a punk. He's the whole damn reason Damon is suffering. He is such a sell-out. "Wahhh. I gotta tell Dad that Katherine is a vampire. And I have to help capture her so he will still respect me." What a little bitch. Damon loved her and I hope he snaps Stefan's weak little neck.

And Elena needs to wake up and get her sex on with Damon. She is still a whiny little stick. Could we make her character a little more interesting and have her fuck the bad boy, please?

Anyway, since we have to wait so long for the show to come back, I thought I'd post a little clip that cracks me and the roomie up:

Guess where we're from? How many times can they say Georgia? lol.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


So, I love The Office. And Creed is one of the many characters who makes me pee my pants. Here's why:

Friday, February 12, 2010

A little (more) insight into me

So, I write a lot of blog posts. Not as many as I used to, but RL seems to get in the way. I thought that maybe, possibly you guys might want a little insight into me. (If you did you would read my blog posts with that label, right?) There is more to me than my insane love of Twilight and Rob and I thought you might wanna know a little about me. Maybe you do, maybe you don't, but I made a little video showing you where I live anyway.

Forgive the pace at which I speak. And the fact that I say "It's so pretty!" in this really lame voice three times. I am not an idiot. I just sound like one. :)

Oh and I thought I'd throw in the most adorable and badass dog in the whole wide world:

His name is Johnny. Yes, that's why. And if I ever get another dog, I will probably name him Rob. Or Patty. And naming a dog after someone you love is the highest honor, IMHO. Especially when said dog is mad handsome.

P.S. I bet you guys didn't know I totes love this guy, did you?

Reasons one (not myself of course) might be Team Jacob

So because I am a nerd, during my break at work everyday I try to read a chapter of Eclipse. And I take notes on my favorite parts so that I can rehash my love here for you guys. (Aren't you lucky?)

New Moon made me love Jacob. Really love him. And Eclipse only cemented it. I can almost understand why she might choose him over Edward.

But then I read (on page 352. lol) "You are so beautiful." And I remember why she chooses Edward. The simplicity and truth of his statement blows me away every time.

But, this post is about why I love Jacob. Edward has had much time dedicated to him already. So let's get back to it...

"Until your heart stops beating, Bella...I'll be here-fighting." (page 330)

Oh and when he kisses Bella...swoon. The way he handles her rejection (and the punch) is so cute:
"I hate you Jacob Black."
"Good. Hate is a passionate emotion." (page 332)

What if Bella chose Jake? What were her life have been like? I think she would have been happy. Content. The fire of their love would burn steady and soft. But, with Edward her love will always blaze. (So cheesy.)

"Just think about how it could be, Bella...You wouldn't have to change anything for me. You know Charlie would be happy if you picked me...And I would make you happy, Bella. There's so much I could give you that he can't...I would never, never hurt you, Bella." Melt.

"Jacob, I can't be happy without him." (page 333)

"Just think about it, Bella...You will. Tonight. And I'll be thinking about you while you're thinking about me...You kissed me back"
"That was not kissing back, that was trying to get you the hell off of me, you idiot."
"Touchy. Almost overly defensive, I would say." (page 334)

Oh Jake. I love you.

But then Edward...
"I'm not going to kill you now, because it would upset Bella...But if you ever bring her back damaged again...if you return her to me in less than the perfect condition that I left her in, you will be running with three legs. Do you understand that, mongrel?...And if you ever kiss her again, I will break your jaw for her." (page 340)

Ahh...I can't wait to reread Fire and Ice. Epicness.

Oh and this is what Rob thinks of my toying with the idea of being Team Jacob:

It's official...I'm a pimp

So my roommate finally gave into the crushing pressure I put on her to post her fanfic on the Internets. Okay, so no crushing pressure. She is kind of a whore who wants to be famous. Okay, so that's not true either. I am super proud of her for having the courage to post her story.

Her story is called The Looking Glass and basically it is the story of Twilight, but flipped. What if the Swans were the vampires in Forks instead of the Cullens? Intriguing, no? Read it here. Or else. I kid, I kid. No, but seriously. Do it. Oh and hurry before decides to be a bitch and force her to censor it. Fuckers.

Happy Valentine's Day...from Rob

Monday, February 8, 2010

Look at my lovely cupcakes

I will NOT partake of these. I just love to decorate cupcakes. Wonder why?

Fanfiction should not have this much influence on my everday decisions...

So fanfiction influences me...a lot. From what I wear to what I drink.

At Christmas I had to buy every girl in my life one of these lovely giant cupcake cookie jars:

My roommate bought me the little cupcake. Aren't they so cute? Can you guess which fanfiction caused my cupcake obsession? I just bought some panties that have cupcakes all over them. And I bought this whole bath set with cupcake scented body wash and cupcake shaped soap. All because of this sexy tattooed man.

Yesterday I was at work and I open the freezer to find a lovely cup of vanilla ice cream and I can't help but think of Master of the Universe. Mmmmm. What a sexy and delicious story. (Oh and the ice cream didn't belong to anyone, by the way. Our boss orders ice cream from Schwan's once a month for us to eat.) Oh and Saturday night at dinner I wanted to order white wine (I've never had it. I'm more of a tequila girl.) just because of this story. I couldn't help but think of burning green eyes and a certain brunette's belly button. It just made me smile thinking of it.

Instead of the white wine, I ordered a flirtini. Why? Read this  fuckhawt story to find out. OH Edward Cullen in a bowtie AND glasses. Yum.

It's so fun to have these secret moments that only fanfic fans would understand. I can't tell you how many times everyday mundane items have brought a tingle to my....

Goodbye my fellow pervs! I love you all!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ins and Outs

-Stouffer's Flatbread Philly Cheese Steak melts
-Yoplait's strawberry flavored yogurt
-Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. How friggin' hot is she? Divine.
-Being responsible and paying my bills
-Fanfiction. Period. (Newest fixes? University of Edward Masen and Master of the Universe)
-P. Fach. coming to Atlanta Twicon. And the awesome anticipation of March 5-7
-My excited-ness (a word?) for the month of March - Twicon, Remember Me, Alice in Wonderland, The Runaways
-The return of the Vampire Diaries. Damon is hawtness.
-RPattz dreams
-As always, my blog. My love. My therapy. My happy place.

-Becoming a fat ass because of Stouffer's Flatbread Philly Cheese Steak melts
-Fucking BLACK EYED PEAS. "Boom Boom Pow" and "I Got A Feeling" should be used as a means of torture. Much more effective than physical violence.
-3rd shift at my job
-Car drama. I love you Scarlet. Why do you betray me? That check engine light is the bain of my existance.
-Not being able to shop because of my new found responsible-ness (again, a word?)
-Not being able to help my parents out more financially
-Not having time for anything but sleep and work

Peace out my lovelies!

Bitch fest number...oh, I've lost count

You ever know someone who talks constantly just to avoid what they consider "awkward silence"? Silence is not awkward to me. It is blissful, especially when faced with interacting with certain people. I like to stick with that old adage that some dead guy came up with. You know the whole "Better to be silent and thought an idiot than to open your mouth and prove them right." Or some such shit. Whatever. You get my drift.

Why do people feel the need to chat incessantly about themselves? What is it about people that makes them afraid to just sit and exist? Needless to say, I am currenty spending 8 hours a night with such a person. She prattles on about her inconsequential life ad nauseum. I politely nod, all the while resisting the urge to grab something sharp, anything sharp, and jab it repeatedly into my eye.

Rude, you say? Me? Never. It would be different if an actual conversation was occurring. But, no. I am talked AT. Whenever I try to add a footnote about myself, I am talked over. I find that unbearably rude and it only serves to make me care even less about what she has to say.

Now, mind you, I am working night shift, which is a very slow shift at my job. So there is VERY little to do. And  it is just her and myself sitting in a small room for 8 hours. And now that they have banned us from reading while on our shifts (which I have a sneaking suspicion was all her doing - that's a whole 'nother story), there really is shit else to do but listen to the radio. So I guess that's why she feels she must ramble.

And my mom (the saint-or sadist that she is) insists taht I should be kind. "Maybe she has no one else to talk to in her life," she conjectures.  I am BEYOND sick of being people's therapist. Maybe I like studying psychology in theory, but application is not to my taste. I always preferred learning about Freud's whacked out theories to his idea of client-centered therapy anyway. And I've gotten off track. Mainly because as I am writing thism she is repeatedly saying "I'm bored." and she proceeds to get up and run the vaccuum while I am clearly putting full concentration into something that isn't her. I guess what bothers me most is that I am ALWAYS respectful of other people. I respect the fact that she wants to prattle on about her life for the entire 8 hours. Why can't she respect that some days I want to sit here quietly and write a blog, or doodle, or just BE.

Oh, and just to be petty: Her fondness for country music causes my gag reflex to work double time. For reals. I'm dry heaving now just thinking about it.

And I leave you all with a request: Please pray that I don't have to work this shift next month. Or if you are an atheist, send me good vibes at least. Oh and if you ARE an atheist, check out this post. It might change your mind. If you have a libido.

Another RPattz dream

A few nights ago I had another Holy Grail of dreams. That's right Mr. Pattz made an appearance. And for once he was his fine self in my dream. Not some weird pre-pubescent, doesn't look anything like sex RPattz.

So I was at the Eclipse premiere with my fam and RPattz was walking into the theatre with me. He was all tall and lanky and scruffy (no mountain man beard, unfortunately). He had his arm firmly around my waist and he walked me to my seat, but he sat on the other side of the theatre. Bummer. After he leaves me, I run to my mom and squeal about Pattz putting his arm around me. She is happy for me.

Then, I sit down next to my brother and the movie starts. I even saw the whole opening credits in my dream. The Eclipse logo with an eclipsed moon behind it. It was pretty vivid. Even in my dream I knew it was too early for Eclipse to be out and I kept thinking "how am I seeing this?" Well the movie begins and my brother keeps saying "No. No. No. That's not how it happens in the book." Mind you, my brother has never read any of the Twilight books. I pinch him hard because he won't shut up. Well, this big bald guy sitting next to me is frustrated because Matt won't shut up, so he pinches me. Hard. Then he grabs me by my neck and is holding me down. I start yelling "Dad! Dad! Help! This guy is hurting me. I'm in the back row."

And then I woke up.

Weird, huh? RPattz merely made a cameo, but it was his best yet. I could still feel his arm around my waist when I woke up. le sigh.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The best of 2009...really, really late

So, I suck. But, here it is:
My best of 2009:

1. Twilight (Although this obsession technically started in 2008, I have been obsessed for the entirety of 2009, so it counts. Hey - my blog, my rules.)

Hello, did anyone think this wouldn't be on my list? I'm gonna do this Sophia style: Picture it: November 2008, I see a commercial for this little vampire movie, and I think "That might be interesting to see." I visit my local theatre expecting mediocrity, and am completely blown away. Life changed. Period. I don't know what else to say about this that I haven't already said. This series has completely enriched my life and helped me rediscover my passion for reading after a HUGE hiatus while I was in college. Thank you Stephenie. You have no idea how much these books have meant and continue to mean to me.

2. My hunk of burning love, Mr. Robert Pattinson

Another thing to thank Stephenie for. And Catherine. I'm not sure I would have ever discovered this beautiful, endearing, intelligent, delicious, talented man without the brilliance of Stephenie and Catherine. Again, I won't get lengthy here because clearly I talk about him A LOT on this blog, so you all know why I love the man. His talent continually blows me away. He is so much more than Edward Cullen. I have discovered an amazing band I would probably have never given a chance if it weren't for him (you'll hear about them later in the list). I also discovered Tim Brantley at a concert for his amazing friend Bobby. I have gone to awesome concerts for the Brit pack. I have spent countless hours drooling. I have spent way too much time reading filthy fanfiction I probably wouldn't have read if he hadn't of piqued my interest by talking about us dirty girls in an interview. I love you Rob. Have my baby?

3. These beautiful boys:

Thud. I absolutely love these guys and I would never have given them a chance if not for Mr. Pattz. Of course I love Only By the Night, but my favorite album is Aha Shake Heartbreak. Four Kicks awakens my soul. And Milk? AMAZING. This band has consumed the last 3 months of my life. And only about 2 weeks ago did I discover what they looked like. Jesus.

4. This blog.
This is been one of the best things of my year. It is so cathardic here. I can be a total obsessive nut and it's cool. I have discovered that I am not psycho thanks to the lovely blogosphere. And I love my followers. Thank you all so much for reading my nonsense. It makes me feel like someone might actually care what I have to say. I love you all so much! Special thanks to Honolulu Girl, one of my first followers and a faithful commenter.

5. My new red hair!

Pure awesomeness. I have gotten so many compliments on this color that it makes me wonder how bad I looked as a blonde? Haha.

6. Living with the bestie

I have gotten to do so many awesome things living in Atlanta with Sarah. We have helped each other live a little fuller life. We are both kind of reserved and I think living together, we have forced each other to do things maybe we wouldn't have done otherwise. Awesome concerts, countless dinners, a few drunken nights (mostly me), amazing Halloween, tons of Twilight conversations/arguments, movie marathons, and fight and run (again, mostly me) matches. I love her. And I can't wait for March's Twilight/Rob madness! Thanks for sharing the madness with me!

7. New York

I have dreamed for so long of going here and I finally made it. And it really cemented in my mind that I can do anything that I dream of. I felt so empowered making this first big trip without having my parents help me along. It was so spontaneous and wonderful. There were a few bumps getting there, but I made it. And I got to go with Sarah, which made it all the more special. We will never forget this trip.

8. No Doubt/Paramore concert

Epic. I have loved No Doubt for 10 years and to finally hear the songs live that have meant so much to me was more than I could imagine. I will never forget hearing Gwen scream those epic words "Don't tell me cuz it hurts!"

9. Quentin Tarantino

I really developed a true appreciation for Q this year. His directing is pure WIN. I love all of his movies and can't talk enough about his genius. My favorites? Kill Bill: Volume 1/2, Inglourious Basterds, and of course, Pulp Fiction. If I could play one character from a movie, it would be Beatrix Kiddo. Most bad ass woman ever. And every Halloween I say I am going to dress up as Gogo Ubari. It never happens though. Maybe next year. His movies always surprise me and inspire me. Can't wait for what he has planned next.

I started this post sort of grumpily. Today hasn't been the best, but in writing it, I realize I have so much to be thankful for. If I was reading this post on someone else's blog, I'd be kinda envious. This year was kind of amazing for me. Here's to hoping 2010 will be as bad ass.

Love you all!