Monday, December 14, 2009

More thoughts on New Moon

As much as I love New Moon (and according to previous blog post, I soooo loved it) something about it has been bothering me. I can't understand why I'm not AS fanatical about this movie as I was about Twilight. Something about my feelings toward this movie are a bit off... I've been racking my brain trying to understand why. I've seen the movie 3 times now and each time I come out wondering what is missing. And by george...I think I've figured it out. I was reading a review in the paper the other day and I came across this quote: "This teen soap is lighter and goofier than the first movie." The paper also gave the movie a C, which I totes disagree with, but I think that quote hit the nail on the head - this movie was lighter and goofier than Twilight. And that's the problem. New Moon was such a heavier book than Twilight, but the movie didn't reflect that. There were too many lol moments for my taste. I mean, yes, I love Mike Newton's humor and Eric crying at R&J, but the hard parts of the movie weren't hard enough for me. Maybe if these moments were as tough to see as they were to read, there may have been a bit more balance in the movie. I dunno. Just my two cents...


  1. I agree and I'll add that I didn't cry not once. I actually teared up more at the fucking trailers then I did, when Edward left Bella. Completely agree with you. Way different vibe.

  2. I agree & I think Honolulu girl hit on one reason we weren't as affected by New Moon as we thought we would be on first seeing it. I think seeing so many trailers, and I mean trailers of the scenes like the break up & the reunion may have tempered our reactions. I don't know about you but I saw those trailers dozens of times each so by the time I got into the theater to see the actual movie not much was a surprise. I didn't cry either. The only part that I got even close to tearing up at was after Edward leaves Bella in the woods & she starts calling him & repeating his name over & over as she starts going after him. I did have some goosebumps in that scene & may have teared up a little. I'm seriously going to try to avoid Eclipse trailers so my first time seeing it will actuall feel like my first time seeing it.