Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The last 14 days of my life...and Rob's (of course)

I have missed my blog so much!! It's been too long. So Imma give you the run-down.

My thoughts on VD last week:
-It's sort of bittersweet that ugly girl is dead. Now we may never see Elena's little bro get it on. And who will Damon's little play thing be next? Perhaps Elena...How sweet would that be??
-Shut up with the whole crooked faced girl witch storyline. NO ONE cares.
-You know this show is good when my mom (who never really watches) calls me and yells "Who killed Vicki???"
-It "gives me the sads" when Elena's bro (is it Jeremy?) says "Why does everyone around me die?" And how awesome is Damon for erasing the memory? Stefan is such a play-by-the rules puss. I think it's pretty obvs this is gonna be Damon's way into Elena's heart. Watch out Stefan...sadly enough the bad boys usually win.
-Sad times: I can't watch this week. I am going somewhere. Happy times: That somewhere is Bobby Long. Again!!

Where am I in New Moon?
-No, I still haven't finished. I have a distraction, which I'll get to later.
-Bells just discovered Jake is a werewolf and she is hanging in La Push to avoid Victoria.
-My current distraction? Emancipation Proclamation I'm not sure if it's okay to like this story...It is so bizarre. And fucked up. And when I told my roommate about it I realized how unbelievable and ridiculous it is. But, apparently I love ridic because I can't stop reading it. Mucho sexy times.
-I have made a rule for myself: After I finish the rest of the Twilight series, I am focusing on exclusively reading fanfic. I think if I read all of the infamous ones out there (ya know, the more well known, less shiteously written ones), I can purge this affliction from my system. (I really love it...shhhh)

My Halloween:
-Amazing. I was the Mad Hatter from Alice and Wonderland. And boy did I get d-runk. But I had a lot of fun! I never drink and it was nice to let loose and not be so friggin' conscious of me and what everyone else may or may not be thinking. Yeah, I'm one of those girls. I tend to think everyone is looking at me (narcissism) and judging me. I couldn't give a fuck when I'm drunk, which is nice. I was everyone's friend Saturday night. I feel an alcoholic brewing... kidding.
-My roommate was Mrs. Lovett from Sweeney Todd. Brills.
-There were so many other female Mad Hatters, it was ridics. I took a pic with an Alice and a Queen of Hearts. That was pretty cool. Apparently, I completed the set.
-There was ONE kick ass Tim Burton-authentic Mad Hatter there. He had the Johnny Depp fruity eyebrows and huge hat and he was just plain awesome.

What do I think of these?:

There is a barfy sensation mixed with a little bit of happy. They are THE world's cutest couple. Whether they are or not. And it's getting hard for even me to deny it. And I swore I would never comment on the Robsten/Nonsten-ness. You'll never hear it again. I just think they look really happy. And they both deserve to how can we hate on 'em? P.S. I WANT that Alexander McQueen dress. Now.


Thanks ROBsessed. You are my dealer.

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  1. There's my fav VD review. I know people think I'm mean because I said it but bitch needed to die. Sorry Vicki. Plus I heard the writer say that he's not opposed to killing off main characters and he is a big True Blood fan so much in the fashion of True Blood, shit needs to hit the fan. BUT how funny was Damon? I mean, he has really grown on me and Stefan. Hmm. I dunno.
    Witchy girl. That's just a boring segment. They need to up the excitement level on that story line.
    As for the Robsten photo shoot. I'm with you, I don't like to comment on Robsten but they photograph sooo well together. My fav photo is of the motorcycle, a few of the portraits though looked like they were taken at my daughters school on picture day. WTF??? Blue Background? Did they go to Sears for their family portrait? Ok, enough of me. Have fun on your trip.