Saturday, November 21, 2009

I know what you're expecting...

But, I'm not gonna give it...yet. My New Moon post is coming. I don't have the energy needed to write that post yet. So until then, enjoy the sex:


  1. I posted the trailer on facebook and both my mom and jen loved it. My family is starting to get it slowly but surely.
    Speaking of my mom had this to say about one of Rob's tv appearances:

    On the Today show they made him go out into the cold just to see the crowds that had been waiting forever. He didn't even have a coat on and even said so, but they didn't seem to care. As a mom, I was quite upset!

  2. What is it about Rob that makes us all mother-ey on him??? I'm the same way...I get upset a lot if it looks like he's been worked too hard or is being pushed/pulled around...Mgr Nick really pisses me off sometimes! It's ok, I'm willing to wait for your New Moon post...I'm sure it'll be worth the wait to get your take on it! I've seen it twice now & it just gets better with each viewing! I noticed the soundtrack a lot more this time & I'm really starting to like it now. Wasn't so sure at first! As for the Remember Me trailer...OMGGGGGGG I cannot WAIT to see this movie!! Even though it's gonna kill me. I have the script & believe me it's gonna be worth waiting for!