Thursday, November 12, 2009

British Invasion...part II

Hello again, kids. And it continues....

November 10th. It's pouring down rain. I just find out my dog had to be put to sleep because he had a stroke. He was 15. I had had him since I was 8. Depressing times.

RIP Jacky.

So the day's not going so well.

We get ready and leave kinda early this time. The show started at 8. We left at 7. We park and it's still POURING. And FML, I've left my umbrella in my car. So we have one umbrella for two people. Sarah's in heels. I'm in chucks. Mismatched steps. Mismatched heights. Wind blowing. Not a good combo. We have to walk a block and my entire right side is SOAKED when we get there. I swear we were the only ones who got wet. And were above the age of 15. Everyone was there for this Justin Nozuka guy. Whoever that is. Apparently, he's the next big thing for the acne prone set. I guess they all got daddy to pay the 15 fucking dollars for the covered parking garage. We're skint as the Brits say, we paid three dollars and walked. Yeah, we suffered. Ish.

The act before Sam was sweet. I think they were called Elizabeth and the Catapults. She was like a mix between Norah Jones, Fiona Apple, and Sara Bareilles. She looked like Sara, had Fiona-ish lyrics, and sounded like Norah. Pretty cool.

Sam was next and he was amazing. I only recognized one song. I'm a bad fan, but it was great nonetheless. He said he would be at his table after his performance and encouraged us to come say hi. Didn't have to tell us twice. We left right after his performance and waited on him in the lobby. We saw his guitar players walk by first. And they were super hot too and had really tight pants. I'm liking this trend...

Then he appeared. And this drunk guy who was apparently in love with him started yelling at him "It's fucking SAM BRADLEY!!!" It was awkward. And then this other guy (back off dudes) went up to him and he was pretty drunk too. He was semi-heckling him during his performance, which brought out the bodyguard in me. I kinda wanted to punch this drunk asstard "John." He told Sam that he covered "Too Far Gone" well. COVERED. Get a grip. This guy knows nothing. a) Sam wrote the shit. b) How do you know about Rob's version? Your girlfriend? Sure... c) Why are you still standing here? He then tells Sam that the next time he comes to Atlanta that Sam should come see HIM. What the fuck? Yeah. Fucker.

Finally, it's our turn. Sarah goes up and gets a pic. And I ask him why he didn't sing SoHo Whores. I tell him it's my fave. He kinda laughs and mumbles something. Then I tell him we love him and that we walked in the rain to see him. (I had to milk it. Hey, we did walk from our car!) I tell him I don't want to get him wet and he says "It's okay." He already had me wet. *wink* I'm a slut. I thanked him for coming to Atlanta and I say "Come see Atlanta again." How retarded could I sound? And towards the end I gradually start walking away feeling all awkward and I think he was still trying to talk to me. But, I waved this retarded goodbye and kinda bolt. My boldness had worn off. I just feel like such an asshole going up to someone and saying "I really like your music." No shit. Why the fuck else would I be there? Anyway, I'm getting better at it. I'm such a groupie. Soon I will be fucking them. *rubs hand together* Srsly, tho. How do people become groupies? You gotta have balls man.

Anyways, Exhibit A:


And jackpot:

Money. Life is good.

Oh, by the way, Rob knows this guy. Yeah. And he's probably touched him. No bigs.


  1. Again where is the pic with me? And you left out the part when I actually remember to tell Sam "Hey, I'm Sarah"

  2. He looks so sweet..."and he's probably touched him..." lmao...I would be thinking the same thing, trust...