Thursday, November 12, 2009

British Invasion

So I know I've been away a while, but there is justification. I've been working. A LOT. And then there was that whole dark day that I won't talk about on this blog. (My Rob lovers know what I'm talkin' about. le sigh) And then there's this whole British invasion happening in my life. Yes, my friends the year is 1965....not really. But, it is kinda like the second coming (hehe) of the Brits. I got to go see #2 and #11 on my list. (Those are not completely random numbers. They were deliberately and meticulously picked out for these men.)

November 5th I went to see Mr. Bobby LONGGGG in concert. There's this whole story. And of course you get to hear it. Ok, so....we left the apartment a little later than I wanted to (I leave WAY early for stuff) and we got there and didn't have to pay for parking and we found a spot right in front of the club. Way to go being a procastinator Sarah! We get in, head to the bar and I start looking for a place to sit because I'm in heels and I didn't really wanna stand. But, there was no place, so I picked this railing to lean up against that was off to the side of the stage. We're standing there watching this guy Corey Crowder, who was good - just not my style, when Sarah looks at me and starts telling me something through clenched teeth. She has this sort of panicked look on her face and I couldn't understand her. I finally lean over and she whispers to me (BOBBY IS RIGHT BEHIND YOU). I froze. "NO WAY. No he's not." I said. I couldn't turn around. He was leaning up against the wall watching the other guy perfrom. She kept telling me he was there, but I was too afraid to look. Sarah wanted to take a picture with him, but I was paralyzed. Then these girls went up to him and asked for a picture and he vanished (cuz he's classy - I assume - and didn't want to take away from the other guy's performance). After he was gone, Sarah showed me where he was standing. I SWEAR, if I had taken just one step back, I woulda been all up in his muffin. I started freaking.

Anywho, he performed. He was awesome and cute and I knew all of the songs he sang this time. It turns out that where we were standing was kismet. Bobby's table of goodies was set up right in front of us and I was determined to ask this nice lady selling his stuff if she could get us the "in" to meet him. Meanwhile (while I was scheming) Bobby talked about liking America's fine dining restaurants (Waffle House) and our aquarium here in GA. He went last time and was going again the next day. Oh, and I gotta mention the pants. They were sooooo tight. Like, you could see the outline of his muffin tight. Sex. Yeah.

After the show, we stood around waiting to see what was gonna go down and I was working up the nerve to ask T-shirt lady the big question when I hear this guy ask, "Is Bobby gonna come out and mingle?" She says "I don't want to tell you yes and he doesn't and you get mad, but it's unusual for him not to come talk to his fans." She tells him to hang on and asks this other girl. (The whole convo between them was whispered, but I could hear it cuz I was RIGHT next to them. I had to tell Sarah all of this was happening.) The girl tells her that Bobby said no, he was afraid that it would cause a scene. So, I get uber disappointed, but I wasn't about to give up. It just made me determined to get that girl to let me meet him. Next thing I know, though, Sarah spots him in the lobby. And...

I freeze. Again.

But, I work up the balls when I see a little line forming. We were third in line and Sarah shakes his hand and takes a picture. I go over and shake his hand and he says...get this..."Hi. I'm Bobby Long." UNGH. I shake his hand and he puts his arm around me to take the pic. Melt. And I thank him for coming out and he says "Cheers." FUCKING CHEERS!!! I almost lost it then. But we cooly and calmly walk to the car. We get in and proceed to scream our effing lungs out. You woulda thought we were 14 and just met Nick Carter. It was crazy amazing.  And here's the evidence folks:


Part two? Coming up....


  1. You are awesome! I'm stoked for you! Plus you got a picture with him which is priceless. Sawweeett!!

  2. You left out the part about "a dick for a hand." And my picture with Bobby :P