Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stefan who?

So last week's episode of The Vampire Diaries was complete WIN! Best episode yet. And I am totally over Stefan. Yeah, he has fan-fucking-tastic abs, but even with them, he is still no where near as sexy as Damon. He is so fucking evil. And boy would I like to fuck evil...

Anyone else love it when he snapped ugly girl's neck?? But how sad to find out she will live. The only good thing about this is that maybe there will be some hot vamp sex with Elena's brother. That sounds gross...maybe I should learn his name.

And Katherine was a super whore. I don't get why Damon and Stefan are still obsessed with her. Hello...she totally played you both and then pitted you against each other. Oh and that little thing she did to both of you...damned you to an eternity in Mystic Falls with boring cliche teenagers. Cuz I know if I were immortal I would be hanging out in a lame ass town in Virginia with the local town folk. Fuck.

What I loved:
1. Snap! Nuff said.
2. The minimal role crooked face played in this episode.
3. Newscaster guy dies. Bastard.
4. Damon and ugly girl dancing around his house 80s music video style.
5. Stefan's bad hair in the Civil War flashback. (To be honest, this might have pushed me over the edge to Team Damon-are people gonna start saying that? I hope not. I just annoyed myself with it.)

What I hated:
1. The fucking compass. Really?
2. That Damon and Stefan are still totally puppy-dog over Katherine. And why the fuck do they think that hanging with Elena will ease the pain? For Damon, getting Elena is totes payback. I get it. But, why does Stefan give a fuck? It's not like Elena IS Katherine. She is just alarmingly similar in appearance...and in her annoying personality traits.
3. How Elena is all pissed off at Stefan cuz of what Damon did. He can't control that shiz. Damon will not be tamed.
4. The fact that Damon hasn't really gotten to properly show off HIS abs. Let's see 'em.
5. The fact that I have to wait 'til Thursday for a new epi. This show has become my crack.

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  1. You so crack up me up with your VD reviews. I completely agree with you again 100%. But is it just me or is the music kinda slacking, oh well. That's a whole nother rant. As for the hates, can we add that Elena kept bugging me when she would act shocked then pissed at Stefan evertime she would ask him a question. Hey Elena. He's a Vampire, That's about as shocking as it gets.. Who cares about the necklace, etc.. All gravy at this point.
    BTW. I'm sooooo Team Damon!!