Monday, September 28, 2009

Whenever I want you, all I have to do is...dream, dream, dream

It happened again. I dreamt of THE MAN. But it was slightly disappointing...

So, Sarah and I are in some kind of classroom and our teacher is one of my bosses from IHOP. (bizarre-o) We are sitting at our desks cutting stuff out of construction paper and I look out into the hallway and I see Mr. Pattinson walking by talking to some girl, so Sarah and I go out into the hallway and she just stares at him, but I decide to go up to him. He is finishing his conversation with the girl and I feel my heart racing. I tell him I am such a big fan and I ask him for a hug. He says he doesn't touch people's upper bodies because they are germy (like Rob would ever care about germs), so he gives me this weird Vulcan-like handshake. Oh and get this---his nails are painted black! I then go back to the class slightly deflated, but I tell everyone that I don't care if I get fired (why am I getting fired in a classroom), at least I got to meet Rob effing Pattinson.

So weird. Rob is never as attractive in my dreams as he is in reality. Sad. But at least I dream of him. le sigh.

P.S. While I was bored at work today, I played FLAMES with mine and Rob's names. (Who remembers that game?) True story.

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