Friday, September 25, 2009

The Vampire Diaries Ep. 3

I know I said I was gonna blog about episode 2, but I didn't really like episode two. So, that's all I have to say about that. Instead, you get to hear all about epi 3. Oh goody!

Mmmkay. So a couple of things about Thursday night's episode that annoyed me:

1. Homegirl's massive overbite (or is it underbite? I always confuse the two. bite haha). Oh and how her face is kinda crooked. (I guess this is true in every episode). I better stop or she will put a hex on me. Puh-lease!! That storyline is so gay.

2. Stefan is a football player? Seriously. And Elena is a cheerleader? How lame.

3. That other friend? The dumbass blonde one who is fucking Damon? What a massive bitch! I want to choke her with that scarf. Die.

4. How quickly Elena and Stefan got into a relationship. I mean, we don't exactly know how much time has passed between episodes, but come on! We are supposed to believe they are already falling in love? Naw, man.

I don't understand why we are supposed to care about these characters. The main character is this gorgeous cheerleader type who has this amazingly sexy-football-player-vampire in love with her. Oh poor Elena. I am so sad for you. Not.

Can you tell cheerleaders and football players were mean to me in high school?

And it's not just that. The characters have zero depth. Maybe it is too early in the show to judge that yet. The only character that I remotely care about is Elena's little brother. His story is interesting to me. I dig the whole unrequited love thing he has going for that ugly girl - who by the way is an idiot for choosing that douche bag ugly guy over him.

I am interested to get to know the whole back-story behind the Katherine-Damon-Stefan love triangle. I also really like Damon's character. He is deliciously evil. But, you get the feeling that somewhere underneath there is some good left. And I want to see him seduce Elena. Cuz I am a sick-o like that.

You might be wondering with all the negatives I listed, why I am still watching the show. I just can't stop, that's why. It is addictive. I really like how Damon toys with the humans. That's not something you usually see happen in vampire stuff. There always seems to be major consequences for the vamps. I mean, of course vampire kill humans, but what Damon is doing is almost worse. He is taking away their freedom and really fucking with them. It's kinda cool.

Later homies!


  1. Lurve you! Thank you for posting the truth. My teacup humans have prevented me from seeing Ep 3 so I need to wait till it comes on the CW website. I agree with everything you wrote and yeah and yes, Damon is my Eric Northman. Oh my god. I see a pattern here with my choice of Vampires.
    Ok, one more thing. THANK your for noticing physic girl's overbite. What bugs me is Stefan mean underbite.
    BTW. Sometimes it's just fun to rip on a show. It's the little pleasures.

  2. Hey girl, I just send you an email to the address I found in your profile. I saw your comment, but since I am running some stupid test blogs you got unfortunately there and not to my main blog.
    This is my mainblog:

    Sorry for this confusion!! Hope to see you around :-))

    Well, I saw episode 3 yesterday .
    I knew your girls will like Damon @Honolulu girl .. and yes specially the last scene where he was in Elenas room, showed a bit more from him and about his character a part we have not seen yet.
    I hate to wait a week for the next episode.. :(