Thursday, September 3, 2009

Some things never change...

Lots of new things in my life. I recently started a new job. And I am training on the horrendous night shift - 11 PM to 7 AM and yes I feel like a zombie. Thus, is the reasoning for my no It's Sexy Time! this week. Forgive me. I'm not sure how long I will be training on this shift, so these posts may disappear for a bit. I am also in the process of moving into my brand, spanking new apartment! So needless to say, my life is a little busy right now. But, I don't come here to blog about this.

I come to talk of Twilight.

So, I have been carrying my Twilight tote bag to work with me every night. So lame. I know. And totes against my rules. I don't want to be a 2nd hand embarassment (thanks LTT/LTR!). But, I just said "fuck it" and put in it the massive amounts of shiz I have to take with me. And one of the girls I work with was like "Is that Elvis on your bag?" I almost spit out my Coke Zero. I guess it was the (in my best Rob voice) bouffant.

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