Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tim Brantley

Friday night I went to the Bobby Long concert. Yes, you know that already. And the post is coming....soon. I just wanted to give a quick mention of the other act that played that night - Tim Brantley. He's from Atlanta (my turf) and he is an amazing artist who I SWEAR is the next big things. His voice is so unique and his lyrics beautiful. Plus, he's easy on the eyes. I went and bought his CD today - Goldtop Heights. Definitely give his music a listen. I can't really compare him to anyone. I think he is pretty innovative. I felt like I was in on the ground floor of something big and exciting when I saw him play. He's like Atlanta's secret that will soon be exploding. Anyway, he lists his influences as Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Springsteen, Hall & Oates so if you are into them, then maybe you'll like him. I dunno. Give him a listen: www.myspace.com/timbrantley. The Race and Damage are the best! He's got some videos on YouTube, too. Gold is one of my faves of his, but unfortunately it's not on his CD. You can actually buy his CD at Best Buy and on iTunes. More about his performance in the Bobby post.

P.S. I feel like his pimp. If only....

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