Thursday, August 6, 2009

Stephenie Meyer has way too much influence on my life

Last week I was out apartment hunting with my homie and the very first apartment we stopped at, we both totes fell in love with. Her reasoning was slightly different from mine. You see, the apartments are close to the city via the interstate, but they are in a pretty isolated area. They are completely surrounded by woods. Which is what both Sarah and I loved. When I was standing in the sunroom (yes the sunroom!) and was looking out the window, I kept thinking one thing: "This is just like the Cullen house." Sarah didn't agree, but surrounded by windows overlooking a vast amount of trees, I couldn't help but feel like a Cullen. Crazy, I know. And everything we saw after that didn't compare for me. I felt like it was fate screaming at me "This is the apartment!!" Well, that and the fact that it was the cheapest rent of all the apartments we saw that day. Since last week, however, Sarah has found some negative reviews of the apartment online. And while I feel that it would be pretty hard to find an apartment ANYWHERE that didn't have some negative reviews, I realize that we should really take that into account and check out other places. Even if I don't want to and feel traitorous to my Twi-senses in doing so. Crazy, I know.

Later that day we both wanted to eat pizza. So we got out Sarah's sister's lovely GPS (who I think we both have finally grown to trust and love) and looked for a nearby pizza place. Several were listed and, of course, I chose Bella's Pizzeria. And it actually turned out to be very good! I think I might be a little psycho. Stephenie Meyer is influencing way too many aspects of my life. Yikes.

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