Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So, anyone who thinks KStew can't act can suck it should watch this movie. It was fantasmical. We get to see Kristen act with Mr. Oregano who, by the way, has a pretty small role in this movie and he looks really different than he does now. They both do. They look so young.

Anywho, for those who don't know, Kristen plays a 15 year old beginning her first year in high school. Over the summer her character was raped at a party and she calls the police, but is unable to tell them what happened. The police show up and put the kabosh on the party, which causes her "friends" to be very angry with her. The rest of the movie, she is unable to explain to anyone why she has affectively shut down. Throughout the movie, little bits and pieces of what happened that night are weaved through the current goings-on of the character's life.

Kristen gives a fantastic performance. You really feel the pain and isolation her character is going through. Steve Zahn is also great here, as the art teacher who helps bring Kristen's characer back to life. Two thumbs up!

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