Thursday, August 20, 2009

I almost lost my sauce

I just found out that the Twi cast is coming to Atlanta March 5-7 and I am already scheming how to come up with the money/get the time off from work. I MUST MUST MUST go!!! I missed when P Fatch, Ashley, and Kellan came this year and I felt sad all day that I wasn't a part of the awesomeness. There is no way I'm missing out this time around. The package for the full weekend is $319, which is do-able. I don't know if I am going to go the whole weekend or just one day or what. All of the info. isn't up yet. But, I assure you that I will write about it many, many times on this blog. :)

Oh yeah, Bobby Long tomorrow!!! WOOOOOT! My friend Sarah thinks that BL is a portal to Rob. He's the portkey, like in Goblet of Fire. One touch of BL and we will magically be transported to Robbie's lap. What do you think? All jokes aside, I can't wait to hear him play and I HOPE HOPE he has CDs for sale at the show.

P.S. Sorry for no It's sexy time! this week. I am falling way behind on that. I've been working Wednesdays (making it 6....yes count 'em....6 days a week), so I am not here in the mornings to do the post and by the afternoon I've completely forgotten about it. sigh.

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