Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Bobby Post

Here it is. A bit late, but better than never, right?

After a lovely dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, Sarah and I made our way to East Andrews. We got there a little early and immediately discovered that we were overdressed. Yeah. We looked cute anyway. So we were standing in line scoping out the other concert-goers, looking for other Twi nerds. There were these two cute Asian girls who were obvs there because of Bobby's Twilight connection. They were cute. While standing in line, we decided that we were not allowed to utter the "forbidden words." You know "Twilight", "Rob", "Sam", "Marcus", "Stephenie Meyer", "Kristen", "Ashley", "Kellan"....etc. We couldn't have anyone thinking we were Twi nerds now could we?

Anywho, we got inside and headed straight for the stage. Well, then we decided to get a drink. Sarah ordered me this drink with Firefly sweet tea, lemon sour, Sprite...I dunno. I'm not much of a drinker, so I leave the hooch up to her. (Not that she's a lush. ;) ) Anyway, while standing at the bar, I decided to go back to the stage cuz I wanted to hold us a spot. While Sarah was still getting the drinks, I saw this cute dude walk on the stage all hunched over with a guitar. Yeah. It was Bobby and I totes didn't realize it until he was off stage. He looks different in person. I swear, I'm not retarded. No one reacted at all when he walked across the stage, so I didn't realize it was anyone important. Oh, but it was.

While we were waiting for the show to start, this girl next to us tried to make conversation. She asked us how we knew about Bobby. Since we couldn't use the "forbidden words" and because we didn't want to geek ourselves out, Sarah told her that we found out about his music on his myspace. Well that wasn't enough for the girl. She kept pushing. "How'd you find his myspace?," she asks. Sarah totally blanked for like 10 seconds. Srsly crickets. And I totally bailed. I sort of turned the other way and was like "hmmm hmmm hmmm." Sarah had a good recovery, though. She said she found his myspace by surfing on YouTube and finding his videos. I don't think she bought it. Oh well. She was obvs there for his Twi connection too. She was trying to ferret us out. Or just being a total bitch by trying to call us out. Either way, we weren't interested in talking to her. We were there for THE MAN.

Yeah. So Tim Brantley performed first. And let me tell you. I didn't really care to hear him sing at all. I enjoy live music and I was enjoying him, but I was just thinking "Bring on the Brit." Well after Tim's first song, I wasn't really thinking that anymore. I'll save the gushing I have for this man and the new love I have discovered since I already dedicated some time to him a few posts ago. But, do check out his myspace and buy his CD Goldtop Heights on iTunes or at Best Buy. (I'm not his pimp.) Turns out Tim was kinda why a lot of people were there. Believe it or not people started getting rowdy. Pushing up on us and yelling his name out repeatedly. There was this one lady, who was in her fifties, who I swear had a completely fried, peroxide blonde mullet down to her waist. She had on a dress who I, as a girl in her twenties, would never wear because of its sheer sluttiness. It was a periwinkle halter dress that totally had the girls COMPLETELY on display. And I have never seen a worse eyeliner job in my life. Anyway, she kept screaming Tim's name while he was trying to sing. She was trying to get his attention to take his picture. It was so annoying. She was obvs pretty drunk and she kept swinging her ugly mullet all over Sarah. I thought Sarah was gonna lose it. It was hilarious because she was headbanging and giving devil horns like she was at a fucking Bullet For My Valentine show. Come on, srsly lady? Yeah and at one point Tim was joking with her and was totes like, "That lady just showed me her breasts." And naturally I looked at her and she reacted with a  shocked "not me" face and she [edit: On my first posting, I put that "he proceeded to take her breasts out." OMG. Would that have been a totally different story] proceeded to take her breasts out, cup them in her hands, and jiggle this about. Luckily, I didn't see any nip, but I definitely saw some side boob. I am totally traumatized. And what about Sarah, who was standing next to this nip showing slut of an old lady? She didn't see any of it. Lucky bitch.

Tim was so amazing. He is like the little kid in your second grade class who always got in trouble because he wouldn't keep still in his seat. The whole time he performed he was wiggling about. It was like he couldn't contain his passion for the music he was playing. It was so adorable and inspiring. And he does this thing where he sticks his tongue out of the corner of his mouth in concentration. Luvs it. Oh, and during his first song, I totes made eye contact and it was weird cuz we held the stare for like 5 extremely awkward seconds and he so gave me the little "what's up" head bob. I fell in love.
Okay, so on to Bobby. He came out with his Heinken (of course) and I am ashamed to say I only recognized three of the songs he played. But that's ok. That's why I bought his CD at the show - to school myself on the Bobby. He kept his eyes closed pretty much the entire time he performed. And his hair was constantly in his face. And I wanted to lick him brush his hair out of his eyes. He completely radiated passion during his songs. He really feels what he sings, which is amazing. Up until I saw him that night, Penance Fire Blues was my fave song of his. But, Dead and Done is so amazing live and is a new contender for my fave. I officially now love the harmonica. In between songs, he would swig his Heineken and he told this adorable story about visiting our aquarium. He is coming back in November and we are so going to see him again. We had the most amazing time and I have decided that our weekly social outing has to be to a place where there is live music. I am a total whore for some acoustic guitar.

P.S. Tim's band included a fucking CELLIST. How badass is that?
P.P.S. I do not love Tim more than Bobby. But it's pretty close.
P.P.P.S. You know who I love more than Tim and Bobby? Take a wild guess. I'll even give you a clue: He's British, lanky, and also plays guitar. Hmmmm.....

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Yes, there is video. Coming soon.... I am such a tease.

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  1. You left out the part about Bobby making eye contact with me. You don't believe it really happened, do you?!