Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Bobby Post

Here it is. A bit late, but better than never, right?

After a lovely dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, Sarah and I made our way to East Andrews. We got there a little early and immediately discovered that we were overdressed. Yeah. We looked cute anyway. So we were standing in line scoping out the other concert-goers, looking for other Twi nerds. There were these two cute Asian girls who were obvs there because of Bobby's Twilight connection. They were cute. While standing in line, we decided that we were not allowed to utter the "forbidden words." You know "Twilight", "Rob", "Sam", "Marcus", "Stephenie Meyer", "Kristen", "Ashley", "Kellan"....etc. We couldn't have anyone thinking we were Twi nerds now could we?

Anywho, we got inside and headed straight for the stage. Well, then we decided to get a drink. Sarah ordered me this drink with Firefly sweet tea, lemon sour, Sprite...I dunno. I'm not much of a drinker, so I leave the hooch up to her. (Not that she's a lush. ;) ) Anyway, while standing at the bar, I decided to go back to the stage cuz I wanted to hold us a spot. While Sarah was still getting the drinks, I saw this cute dude walk on the stage all hunched over with a guitar. Yeah. It was Bobby and I totes didn't realize it until he was off stage. He looks different in person. I swear, I'm not retarded. No one reacted at all when he walked across the stage, so I didn't realize it was anyone important. Oh, but it was.

While we were waiting for the show to start, this girl next to us tried to make conversation. She asked us how we knew about Bobby. Since we couldn't use the "forbidden words" and because we didn't want to geek ourselves out, Sarah told her that we found out about his music on his myspace. Well that wasn't enough for the girl. She kept pushing. "How'd you find his myspace?," she asks. Sarah totally blanked for like 10 seconds. Srsly crickets. And I totally bailed. I sort of turned the other way and was like "hmmm hmmm hmmm." Sarah had a good recovery, though. She said she found his myspace by surfing on YouTube and finding his videos. I don't think she bought it. Oh well. She was obvs there for his Twi connection too. She was trying to ferret us out. Or just being a total bitch by trying to call us out. Either way, we weren't interested in talking to her. We were there for THE MAN.

Yeah. So Tim Brantley performed first. And let me tell you. I didn't really care to hear him sing at all. I enjoy live music and I was enjoying him, but I was just thinking "Bring on the Brit." Well after Tim's first song, I wasn't really thinking that anymore. I'll save the gushing I have for this man and the new love I have discovered since I already dedicated some time to him a few posts ago. But, do check out his myspace and buy his CD Goldtop Heights on iTunes or at Best Buy. (I'm not his pimp.) Turns out Tim was kinda why a lot of people were there. Believe it or not people started getting rowdy. Pushing up on us and yelling his name out repeatedly. There was this one lady, who was in her fifties, who I swear had a completely fried, peroxide blonde mullet down to her waist. She had on a dress who I, as a girl in her twenties, would never wear because of its sheer sluttiness. It was a periwinkle halter dress that totally had the girls COMPLETELY on display. And I have never seen a worse eyeliner job in my life. Anyway, she kept screaming Tim's name while he was trying to sing. She was trying to get his attention to take his picture. It was so annoying. She was obvs pretty drunk and she kept swinging her ugly mullet all over Sarah. I thought Sarah was gonna lose it. It was hilarious because she was headbanging and giving devil horns like she was at a fucking Bullet For My Valentine show. Come on, srsly lady? Yeah and at one point Tim was joking with her and was totes like, "That lady just showed me her breasts." And naturally I looked at her and she reacted with a  shocked "not me" face and she [edit: On my first posting, I put that "he proceeded to take her breasts out." OMG. Would that have been a totally different story] proceeded to take her breasts out, cup them in her hands, and jiggle this about. Luckily, I didn't see any nip, but I definitely saw some side boob. I am totally traumatized. And what about Sarah, who was standing next to this nip showing slut of an old lady? She didn't see any of it. Lucky bitch.

Tim was so amazing. He is like the little kid in your second grade class who always got in trouble because he wouldn't keep still in his seat. The whole time he performed he was wiggling about. It was like he couldn't contain his passion for the music he was playing. It was so adorable and inspiring. And he does this thing where he sticks his tongue out of the corner of his mouth in concentration. Luvs it. Oh, and during his first song, I totes made eye contact and it was weird cuz we held the stare for like 5 extremely awkward seconds and he so gave me the little "what's up" head bob. I fell in love.
Okay, so on to Bobby. He came out with his Heinken (of course) and I am ashamed to say I only recognized three of the songs he played. But that's ok. That's why I bought his CD at the show - to school myself on the Bobby. He kept his eyes closed pretty much the entire time he performed. And his hair was constantly in his face. And I wanted to lick him brush his hair out of his eyes. He completely radiated passion during his songs. He really feels what he sings, which is amazing. Up until I saw him that night, Penance Fire Blues was my fave song of his. But, Dead and Done is so amazing live and is a new contender for my fave. I officially now love the harmonica. In between songs, he would swig his Heineken and he told this adorable story about visiting our aquarium. He is coming back in November and we are so going to see him again. We had the most amazing time and I have decided that our weekly social outing has to be to a place where there is live music. I am a total whore for some acoustic guitar.

P.S. Tim's band included a fucking CELLIST. How badass is that?
P.P.S. I do not love Tim more than Bobby. But it's pretty close.
P.P.P.S. You know who I love more than Tim and Bobby? Take a wild guess. I'll even give you a clue: He's British, lanky, and also plays guitar. Hmmmm.....

More of the sex:

< Blurry Heiney

< Thank God for British boys.

< Oh harmonica!

Yes, there is video. Coming soon.... I am such a tease.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's sexy time!

"It's that time again!" 10 points if you can tell me what Rob movie that is from. 5 more points if you can tell me what the name of the character is who says it. And 100 points if you can tell me that actor's name. What can you redeem those points for, you ask? Fun times with Rob!

Anywho, here's Rob looking James Dean-ish. Thanks Robsessed!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tim Brantley

Friday night I went to the Bobby Long concert. Yes, you know that already. And the post is coming....soon. I just wanted to give a quick mention of the other act that played that night - Tim Brantley. He's from Atlanta (my turf) and he is an amazing artist who I SWEAR is the next big things. His voice is so unique and his lyrics beautiful. Plus, he's easy on the eyes. I went and bought his CD today - Goldtop Heights. Definitely give his music a listen. I can't really compare him to anyone. I think he is pretty innovative. I felt like I was in on the ground floor of something big and exciting when I saw him play. He's like Atlanta's secret that will soon be exploding. Anyway, he lists his influences as Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Springsteen, Hall & Oates so if you are into them, then maybe you'll like him. I dunno. Give him a listen: The Race and Damage are the best! He's got some videos on YouTube, too. Gold is one of my faves of his, but unfortunately it's not on his CD. You can actually buy his CD at Best Buy and on iTunes. More about his performance in the Bobby post.

P.S. I feel like his pimp. If only....

Twilight + Midnight Sun

So, I am finally doing it - reading Twilight and Midnight Sun together and I gotta admit, I kinda feel like I'm reading fanfiction. I am so used to reading EPOV/BPOV in my fics that I find myself expecting lemons any second. But I am always disappointed.

Anyway, while I am reading these, I have decided to be uber-geeky. I am currently taking notes as I am reading on the differences between the book and the movie. I know that numerous other blogs have already made note of these differences, but I want to do it to. So there! That post will come as soon as I am done with the book. Which will be in approximately...3 years. No seriously, a few weeks probably. What can I say? I'm a slow reader. Back in November '08, I started Twilight and I didn't finish Breaking Dawn and Midnight Sun until February of this year. And it wasn't for lack of interest. Obvs I love the books. I just like to savor what I read. Dammit! Why am I justifying myself to you? I am going to go lose myself in MS now.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bobby Long post

It's coming soon, I promise! It was an awesome time. Expect to hear about:

-The awesomeness that is Tim Brantley
-Bobby's beautiful hair
-Crazy mullet lady and her boobies
-The forbidden words

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Girls I would totally go gay for...volume 1

I was having this weird convo. with Sarah today about which female member of the Twi cast we would get it on with (if we were of that persuasion and excluding Kristen -of course- cuz duh she would win) and it got me to thinking about my girl crushes. So since we've already established that I'm a "big fat lesbian" because of my Twi love, I thought I would go ahead and share who I would totally go gay for. My girl crush list tends to change pretty frequently, so this may only be the beginning of a beautiful series. :) Wanna see which female Twi cast member I lust after? Check it out below.
And these are in no particular order.
1. Kat Von D
I just think she is so feisty and she has such a good heart. She is curvy and I love that she is all tatted up. If I were gay, I think I would be WAY into Latino women. She is just so gorgeous and an amazingly talented artist.
2. Gwen Stefani
This should be a "NO DUH!" to anyone who has ever looked at this blog. She is and always will be my number 1 girl crush. Her platinum blonde hair, gorgeous legs, amazing song writing abilities, and unique singing voice makes me swoon. I love her style and her ability to just be one of the guys and also totally glam it up! I could go on and on and on and on about this one....but I'll just keep it to this.
3. Nikki Reed
Yes! Nikki is the winner. I loved her in the movie Thirteen! I love her little wild streak and her amazing acting abilities. She is curvacious and has the most beautiful hair. Plus, she has the cutest button nose!

4. Kristen Stewart

Where to start? I love Kristen! Each movie I have seen her in has impressed me more and more. She is WAY more than Bella Swan. The fire you can see in her beautiful green eyes is admirable in someone as young as she is. And she is one of the few women who is equally hot as both a blonde and a brunette.
5. Dita Von Teese
How is it possible for one woman to be so sexy and classy at once? Dita is an icon! I want to be her. I love her pin-up ways and porcelain skin. Anyone with skin like mine is a winner!
6. Nicole Kidman
I love this woman. No one was happier than me when I heard she was marrying Keith Urban. And when she got pregnant with Sunday Rose? Fa-ged-aboud-it! Her skin is flawless and she is the actress I would aspire to be like. Oh, and her Chanel No. 5 ads have to be the most beautiful pictures ever. Her hair in those ads was the inspiration for my "prom hair" senior year.
7. Marilyn Monroe

This shouldn't require any explanation. She was an icon. And if she isn't on your "girls I would totally go gay for" list, then you are not a very good pretend lesbian.
8. Fiona Apple
"I've been a bad, bad girl." She had from Criminal. I remember the first time I saw that video. I was a little scandalized. The woman just oozes sex. And Extraordinary Machine is one of my top ten CDs of all time.
9. Sarah Michelle Gellar

Meow-zah! I love Sarah mostly because she played arguably the most kick ass female character on television EVER - Buffy! She made that character at turns vulnerable and amazingly strong. Even when staking the vamps and having her heart trampled on by one, she always managed to look beautiful. And I am so stoked she's preggers!
10. Natalie Portman
Natalie is so beautiful, talented, and intelligent. She is so articulate and has a fantastic sense of humor. I love how humble she is and how she doesn't take her self so seriously. And she never ceases to wow me in whatever movie she is in.
So, the moral of the story is: I love women who are empowered and intelligent, who have an underlying spark and who dare to be who they are without excuses.
But, in the words of Ms. Bridget Jones: "I'm afraid it's still men in general...Mark Darcy Rob Pattinson in particular."
Now, go ahead and share your secret girl crushes. I won't tell! ain't just a river in Egypt

So tonight we (my bestie and I) were watching L.A. Ink and this dude was getting a Transformer tattoo on his chest and we were totes laughing our asses off at his lameness. And then it dawned on me. I can no longer make fun of Star Trek/Stargate/Firefly nerds. Wanna know why???

Yes, my friends. It is official. I am going to the official Twilight convention in March. And once you go to a Twi convention, there is no turning back. You are sucked into the nerdy abyss.

I think I was already there, but just in denial. But, I'll tell you what. I'd have it no other way.

A new follower!

Thanks spellbound for the follow! I'm up to 12 and I love you all for taking time to read my incredibly lame and sometimes boring bloggy!!!

It's sexy time!

So I am being pretty lazy this week and I am going to post a pic from ROBsessed. Didn't do any major digging for this one, but enjoy none the less. Hunky, serious Rob in 3-2-1...

I almost lost my sauce

I just found out that the Twi cast is coming to Atlanta March 5-7 and I am already scheming how to come up with the money/get the time off from work. I MUST MUST MUST go!!! I missed when P Fatch, Ashley, and Kellan came this year and I felt sad all day that I wasn't a part of the awesomeness. There is no way I'm missing out this time around. The package for the full weekend is $319, which is do-able. I don't know if I am going to go the whole weekend or just one day or what. All of the info. isn't up yet. But, I assure you that I will write about it many, many times on this blog. :)

Oh yeah, Bobby Long tomorrow!!! WOOOOOT! My friend Sarah thinks that BL is a portal to Rob. He's the portkey, like in Goblet of Fire. One touch of BL and we will magically be transported to Robbie's lap. What do you think? All jokes aside, I can't wait to hear him play and I HOPE HOPE he has CDs for sale at the show.

P.S. Sorry for no It's sexy time! this week. I am falling way behind on that. I've been working Wednesdays (making it 6....yes count 'em....6 days a week), so I am not here in the mornings to do the post and by the afternoon I've completely forgotten about it. sigh.

Friday, August 14, 2009

It was a Twilight kind of day

So, it's not really miraculous that most things remind me of Twilight. It just so happens that at least once a day, I see or hear something that makes me think of my beloved vampire tale. Today, I just so happened to have three "man I'm really obsessed with Twilight" moments.

First, my friend at work tells me "I finally saw that vampire movie you like so much." I tried to play it cool with a "Oh, really? You like it?" Inside I was squeeing all over the place. Then my friend George says "Isn't Twilight a movie only gay people like?" And I laugh it off with a "No. And if that were the case, then I'm a big, fat lesbian." Ha. Gotta love the weirdos I work with.

Secondly, I was at the social security office today. And no, I wasn't there to collect my check. I'm not considered mentally incompetent or physically handicapped...yet. (I'm convinced that somehow this Twilight obsession will eventually have a detrimental effect on my mental or physical health.) I was there to get a new social security card and as I'm waiting for my number to be called, I saw a teenage girl walk up front with her copy of Eclipse. She is about a 1/4 of the way in and I immediately smile. I tried to remember approximately what could be happening 1/4 of the way into Eclipse, but I have no clue. It has been so long since I read it. Bad fangirl, bad.

Thirdly, I am sitting here watching Gilmore Girls as we speak and Rory's dad comes to Stars Hollow in his....wait for it... VOLVO! Gotta love it.

I'm not sick.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nothing but pure, unadulterated squee

It's sexy time!

So this one isn't exclusively of our Mr. Hunky, but hell the whole cast looked very sexy at the awards. And I can't friggin' wait til November 20. I loved Kristen's dress. (Don't hate.) And I soooooo wanted to rip Megan Fox's head off!

Pic from my fave peeps over at Letters to Rob.



So, anyone who thinks KStew can't act can suck it should watch this movie. It was fantasmical. We get to see Kristen act with Mr. Oregano who, by the way, has a pretty small role in this movie and he looks really different than he does now. They both do. They look so young.

Anywho, for those who don't know, Kristen plays a 15 year old beginning her first year in high school. Over the summer her character was raped at a party and she calls the police, but is unable to tell them what happened. The police show up and put the kabosh on the party, which causes her "friends" to be very angry with her. The rest of the movie, she is unable to explain to anyone why she has affectively shut down. Throughout the movie, little bits and pieces of what happened that night are weaved through the current goings-on of the character's life.

Kristen gives a fantastic performance. You really feel the pain and isolation her character is going through. Steve Zahn is also great here, as the art teacher who helps bring Kristen's characer back to life. Two thumbs up!

I'm an eavesdropper

Today while I was rolling silverware and preparing to leave my wonderful (heavy on the sarcasm) job today, I overheard this woman telling her guy friend "I read the WHOLE Twilight series." And then she laughed sort of like she was embarassed. It's okay, young one. Be proud of your love for the Twilight series. You could hear in her voice that she was sort of hesitant to tell him this. But, you know she probably reads blogs like ours everyday. Come out of the closet already! Don't be ashamed.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


I am watching Speak right now and I think I might love Kristen Stewart more than Rob. Review later.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Another new fave Rob video

Every day my love grows and grows. I just want to eat his face. And I love the way he says "grahams." sigh.

Special thanks to Sarah who pointed this one and the one before this one out to me. Love ya girlie!

What the eff, Rob?

How have I missed this one? What the eff?! Is he serious?

A) I love the way he says Buddah.
B) I'm a little worried for his mental health.
C) Can I be the girl he becomes completely obsessed with???

Stephenie Meyer has way too much influence on my life

Last week I was out apartment hunting with my homie and the very first apartment we stopped at, we both totes fell in love with. Her reasoning was slightly different from mine. You see, the apartments are close to the city via the interstate, but they are in a pretty isolated area. They are completely surrounded by woods. Which is what both Sarah and I loved. When I was standing in the sunroom (yes the sunroom!) and was looking out the window, I kept thinking one thing: "This is just like the Cullen house." Sarah didn't agree, but surrounded by windows overlooking a vast amount of trees, I couldn't help but feel like a Cullen. Crazy, I know. And everything we saw after that didn't compare for me. I felt like it was fate screaming at me "This is the apartment!!" Well, that and the fact that it was the cheapest rent of all the apartments we saw that day. Since last week, however, Sarah has found some negative reviews of the apartment online. And while I feel that it would be pretty hard to find an apartment ANYWHERE that didn't have some negative reviews, I realize that we should really take that into account and check out other places. Even if I don't want to and feel traitorous to my Twi-senses in doing so. Crazy, I know.

Later that day we both wanted to eat pizza. So we got out Sarah's sister's lovely GPS (who I think we both have finally grown to trust and love) and looked for a nearby pizza place. Several were listed and, of course, I chose Bella's Pizzeria. And it actually turned out to be very good! I think I might be a little psycho. Stephenie Meyer is influencing way too many aspects of my life. Yikes.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's sexy time!

Since I have to work at an ungodly hour in the morning, I won't be able to post an It's sexy time tomorrow. And since I missed it last week (I am still sad and ashamed), I decided to go ahead and give you all a little gift and give you It's sexy time early. Enjoy some black and white Rob. Pictures from ROBsessed.

Oi Vay!

I can't believe they are already starting to shoot Eclipse. My oh my. My head hurts. I'm still reeling from the insane coverage of New Moon and Remember Me. I'm not sure if I can keep up with the relentless pace. I'm tired just from watching the madness. Imagine how Robbie feels...sheesh.

Rob rumour control

Yes I spelled rumour with a "u" purposely. I'm British.

There has been a lot of crap going around about our favorite Brit lately. I just wanted to give my piece on two of the things being said:

A) Rob is a bad tipper.
B) Rob is a divo on set.

A) Okay, this one is really personal for me, being that I am server. We all know that Rob is a with his money. I mean he drove that same BMW forever; he repeats outfits OFTEN; his favorite place to eat is In 'N Out Burger for God's sake. However, in this instance I don't feel that Rob was being cheap. Okay, so maybe he left a bit less than 15%, but I can tell you that as a server I would be completely happy with a $50 tip. Hell, if I waited on Rob I'd be happy just to fucking be in his presence. Fuck a tip. I think it would make my life. But a $50 tip is more than fair. I rarely ever get a 15% tip where I work. And no it is not because I am a suck server. I have been doing it for three years and I know I am good at what I do. But working for as long as I have, I have just come to realize that most people are not good tippers. At least in the particular restaurant that I work in. Making money is all about the volume of tables that you get. I know most of the other servers rarely get a fair percentage either. So, what Rob left was definitely more than fair. And might I point out that other people were dining with him. Even if he paid the check, that doesn't mean other people couldn't have contributed to the tip. People often think that just because someone pays the check, that they alone should be responsible for the tip. Whenever I go out, I make sure to tip even if I don't pay. But maybe that is because I am biased because of what I do. Anywho, another thing that I think deserves mentioning is that Rob's "bad tip" occurred on the heels of Johnny Depp's fantasmical $4000 tip. That was one phenomenal tip and I think the fact that this tip incident happened right afterwards really skews how people see the situation. Johnny Depp is a fantastic guy. I have always known this. And his tip only proves that he doesn't forget where he came from. (His mom was a waitress for years.) Let's face it - that tip is pretty tough to live up to. And let's remember who we're talking about here. We all love Rob, but he is not to Johnny's status...yet. "And that's all I have to say about that."

B) While standing in line the other day I picked up a trashy mag with Rob on the cover and started reading (Hey, I said I wouldn't buy any more rag mags, not that I would stop looking at them!) this crap story about how Rob was a divo on the Remember Me set. The "source" claimed that Rob was rude and he demanded special gourmet coffee. I find it really hard to believe that Rob is rude to anyone. I mean, even after he was attacked by fangirls he still managed to have a smile on his face. He even took a picture with those girls. He has a pretty high tolerance for shit. And as for the gourmet coffee - I think the picture below is evidence enough of how "gourmet" Rob likes his coffee:
Now leave the man alone!
Peace, love, and Dunkin' Donuts!