Thursday, July 2, 2009

A retarded Twilight realization

So, I was rummaging through my drawers today looking for a shirt to wear as pjs when I came across an old college t-shirt. And by old I mean, I just got it about a year or so ago. On this said T-shirt is a picture of a wolf and it says "Love me. Love my wolves." In case you weren't able to discern it, my school's mascot was the Wolves. Well, at least for the last two years that I went there anyway. You see, my first two years we were the Braves. And because that is considered politically incorrect, my school voted to change the mascot my junior year. And we had the opportunity to be the coolest mascot ever (IMHO) - the Phoenixes (Is that the proper way to pluralize it??). It was the choice behind the Wolves. The explanation from our president as to why this wasn't chosen - Not enough people know what a phoenix is. What the hell? Have you people never seen Harry Potter? Grrr.

Some other possible mascots in contention were the Fire Ants (lame), the Flamers (super lame and OBVIOUSLY opening us up to a whole plethora of jokes to rival universities), and the Wolves (the lamest as it didn't reflect the school at all). Why all of the fire-related mascots you ask? Well, at the opening gates of our school, we had a flame of knowledge that burned continuously (in theory. In reality - at random times). Kinda like JFK's eternal flame. Except not.

Anywho, that was way drawn out and more info. than you needed. The point is my university's mascot was the Wolves. And it JUST dawned on me, after almost a year obsessing over Twilight how this is a totally lame and not worth mentioning connection to Twilight. I mean, my school is Team Jacob for God's sake. Why have I never put this together before? I must not be the Twi-nerd I once thought myself to be. And I am ashamed of this. It makes me wonder if other Twi-nerds at my school went all crazy when our mascot changed. I jumped on the Twilight bandwagon WAY later than most. So I know there had to be Twi-fans at my school while I was attending it. I can just see the Twi-nerds freaking when the Wolves was chosen. I wonder if it was some kind of Twi-conspiracy. Maybe the Twi-hards campaigned to get the Wolves to win. Hmmm....

Thinking about all of this, I realize that it is a really, really good thing that I didn't discover Twilight until after I graduated. There is no way I would have done well in my classes if I knew about Twilight. I couldn't have devoted enough time to school. I would have spent way too much time doing all the crazy Twi-related shit I do now to actually graduate. Whew. Dodged a bullet there.

This post was totally retarded and poorly written. I'm sorry. But I just had this epiphany and felt the need to spew it at my blog.

P.S. This was intended to be funny, but I think I may have missed the mark. I can't always be brilliant and witty. I'll leave that up to Rob.

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