Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rob's Mob

I know everyone has already given their two cents on this, but I wanna give mine. So hush. And listen up.

These girls make us look completely and totally retarded. I hope they know how much all of Rob's fans hate them now. Thanks for making it impossible for girls like us (who would completely and utterly fall apart at the sight of Rob and would embarassingly take pictures from across the street and pray that he doesn't see us doing it) to ever be able to hope to get a picture with Rob. Or be able to get to meet him. You have terrified the man. I feel really sorry for him. How awful it must be to not be able to do your job without someone trying to put you in a headlock. I just wish that things could be normal for him again.

Don't these girls know you have to play it cool if you ever want to marry the man. You have to pretend like you don't even know who he is. That's what will impress him. (Yeah, that's it.)

And his security guards best step up. Cuz if anything ever happens to our Rob, there will be a lot of angry fan girls WAY scarier than the skanks who attacked Rob after their asses. Nothing should strike more fear into the hearts of Rob's security guards than his angry blog-obsessed fans. Just sayin'.
P.S. Like we needed another reason to love Rob, but the fact that he managed to keep a smile on his face through the whole thing (and the fact that he actually took a picture with one of the skanks) is just so completely Robalicious. (Sarah, I think the word is now official.)

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