Thursday, June 18, 2009

REAL Little Ashes Review

So, you already know I loved it. The 'stache, gay sex, "the tuck", and all. Beyond all the silly fun and sex appeal, this was a really great movie. It really focused a lot more on the Lorca-Dali relationship than I anticipated. I really thought it was going to be more about Dali's life, but it was more about his relationship with Lorca. And what a beautiful relationship that was. Dali really love Lorca, but SPOILERS he could never come to terms with his homosexual tendencies and really sabotaged his relationship with him. It was truly a moving and beautiful film. Rob was fantastic as Dali. At turns he was hilarious, innocent, humble, and completely egotistical. He really captured the complexities of Dali. Don't get me wrong, I love Twilight, but this movie really blows Twilight out of the water. It truly shows what talent Rob has. I think I may be moving beyond my Twilight fandom (shock, horror, blasphemy) and really just heading into complete and total Rob fandom. We all know my complete and utter love for him and every movie I see him in I grow in my respect for his amazing talent. GUSHGUSHGUSH. Go see this movie!

Hugs and kisses for the 'stache!

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