Friday, June 12, 2009


I completely didn't do an It's Sexy Time! post this week. And that is partially because I don't have a power cord for my laptop and I really only blog on my laptop and partially because I forgot. I haven't been in blog land for two days and it makes me off-kilter. Obviously. I mean, how could I forget It's Sexy Time! Wednesday? I'm hoping, hoping I my power cord comes in the mail tomorrow. I have so much lost time to make up for. I have to do a proper Little Ashes review, a No Doubt/Paramore concert post, and an update for my book club blog. Oi vay! So much. I spend way too much time on the Internets. I miss reading my blogs and updating my blog mucho! Plus, I'm suffering major withdrawal from not reading my fanfiction. I'm actually reading my book for book club. Shocking!

Anywho, you may (or may not) be wondering how I am posting if I have no power cord. Well, I am using the family computer. And it is suck-o. I kinda like to be in my own space when I blog. It's kinda like writing in your diary. I don't want everyone to see me typing my innermost (Twilight) thoughts. Plus, all the swearing. Ya know.

Hope to see you homies soon!

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