Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A new baby crush

After recently watching both Superbad and Juno, I think I have developed a baby crush on someone new. Now, you must understand that this is a BABY crush. Nowhere near what I feel for Rob. Rob is no crush. Rob is love. Rob is sex. Rob is fuckhawt (Thanks Random Act of Rob). But, I just can't help but have a tiny crush on Michael Cera and it's weird because my ex-boyfriend looks kinda similar to him. Except he was an asshole. And I like to think Michael Cera is not an asshole. He seems so sweet. And he's just damn nerdy. And that I find irresistible.

And just so you guys don't think I am completely blasphemous, here is a sexy pic of Rob. I promise I will give you guys a double whammy tomorrow since I missed It's sexy time! last week. I'm getting really bad about that. I'm afraid RL has been quite busy lately.

Pic from Random Acts of Rob. (I don't mean to bite your style, you are just awesome and I spend way too much time haunting your site.)

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