Saturday, June 13, 2009

I love our Robiverse!

As you may or may not know, I have been away for a few days. You see, my poor power cord for my laptop was no more. So I had to wait two whole days for it to come in the mail. So for two whole days I had virtually no computer time. And oh how I missed bloggy-land. I spent most of today catching up on my favorite blogs. And I just have to say - I love all of us crazy, lunatic Rob fans. I'm just going to take a moment to list my favorite Twi/Rob blogs and tell you why you should read them on a daily basis, just like me. (Cuz I'm sane and super cool.)

Twitarded - These girls are just damn sick. I love them for it though. No where else will you find the perversion (and the comedy) that they bring. Plus, they are super nice and linked a lame-o blogger like me on their site. And for that I will always heart them.

Letters to Rob/Letters to Twilight - These girls are just funny. They always have some unique spin on a photo or some juicy gossip on Robsten. They don't take themselves too seriously and you shouldn't either. Their sites are truly all in good fun. Their crazy letters make me feel more sane. (I don't wear a Twilight tee as pajamas.) These ladies actually led me to the other blogs I currently read and I am so grateful! P.S. Don't miss anything they break-down "Vanity-fair style." You will regret it if you do.

Random Acts of Rob - This is the place to go to really laugh. If I've had a crap day this is my go-to site. There is always a funny Rob video with sexy time music played in the background to melt away my frustrations of the day. There is an entire Twiporn library for your inner Twi-whore and here you can find RobSexyTalk - Your go-to when you just need to hear that Brit's voice. And RAoR always offers plenty of Robporn - be it jawporn, fingerporn, hairporn. They've got it all. With an entire site devoted just to Rob's fuckhawtness (this word which I have now added to my vocab. thanks to RAoR is bound to annoy the hell out of the people who have to hear me rave on and on about Rob) - what girl could ask for more?

Thanks for the laughs! I love you all!!

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