Saturday, June 20, 2009

How to know you are delusional about Robert Pattinson...a list

So my friend Sarah and I were chatting on the phone yesterday about you know, normal stuff, like Rob's laugh, his fingers, his getting hit by a taxi. Stuff every sane person talks about and I realized just how often we come up with scenarios for how we are going to meet Rob. I will just list a few and, Sarah, if you think of any I haven't listed here feel free to list them in the comments.

- Sarah's nieces are going to be movie stars and we are going to be their make-up artists/wardrobe stylists. When they are cast on Rob's next big picture, we are naturally going to show up to take care of our beautiful clients. Rob will see me (in our scenarios it is always me because I win and Sarah will NEVER have him) and trip because he is overwhelmed by my beauty. He will hit his face on the concrete and I will run to rescue him, cleaning up his bloody lips with my tongue. (Yes, I am sick.)
Rob's "overwhelmed by Frances' beauty" face

- I will be cast as an extra in Eclipse and the above-mentioned scenario will replay itself.

- Sarah (a famous novelist) will write the screenplay for Rob's newest movie and she will be on the set overseeing the transformation from script to screen. Rob will fall in love with the script before he is cast and become enamored with this Sarah person. When Sarah shows up on set, Rob will see her and not know who she is, but be struck by her unique beauty. He will ask, "Who is that woman?" When he learns it is THE Sarah, he will faint and I will have to resuscitate him. When he comes to, he will love me and Sarah will lose. (Ok, I am mean and selfish with Rob. I love you Sarah!!)

Anywho, if you have ever fantasized about one of the above scenarios, you may just be delusional about Robert Pattinson.

I'm not, though. We WILL meet and fall in love. It's fate.


  1. You forgot the one where I am working in the bookstore, when Rob has to be there for a Twilight book signing and there are all these screaming fans but I treat him like a real person so he falls in love with me. Then I get married and we have lots of sex and babies (well, maybe not the babies if he doesn't want them but there will be lots of the sex) and I never speak to this Frances person again!

    Btw, I notice that all but one of your scenarious involve me or the people I'm related to so obviously Rob and I are destined to be together not you.

  2. I found this interesting, I thought you would too. I got it from facebook so you know it's legit ;)

    name start with letter R, below are the analysis result :

    You are a no-nonsense, action-oriented individual. You need someone who can keep pace with you and who is your intellectual equal-the smarter the better. You are turned on more quickly by a great mind than by a great body. However, physical attractiveness is not very important to you. You have to be proved to be worthy for a partner. You have a need to prove yourself the best. You want feedback on your performance. You are open, stimulating & romantic.