Friday, May 1, 2009

Rob is the cutest nerd ever!

Decided to keep with my promise of making this a lighter post because I found something awesome. Plus, writing about Thirteen might bring out scary Frances again, so I best give it some time. After reading this post on Letters to Rob, I started examining my poor fan status. I have only ever seen him in Harry Potter and Twilight too. How shameful! Anywho, I have a plan of buying a region free DVD player and all of Rob's movies on the UK Amazon site. Since it will likely be a while before I can afford those things, I started trolling around imdb and YouTube researching Rob's movies and I happened upon the cutest video ever. If I didn't love Rob before this, I most certainly would now. Enjoy!!

P.S. Where were boys like this in high school? If they were that awkward, they certainly weren't that good looking! Oh, and I've decided that I much prefer awkward, nerdy Rob to chiseled, God-like, Edward Cullen Rob.

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