Monday, May 4, 2009

I'm very, very afraid

That Twilight fanfiction may become a new obsession for me. See, before Wide Awake, I had only ever read 1 fanfiction before in my life. And it was Roswell fanfiction. But I started reading Wide Awake and became hooked and in my frenzy to feed my fixation in between AG updates, I have been a bit of a cheating harlot. I recently started reading a new one, which is no where near as good (actually it's really not good at all) as WA, but I keep reading it. I have to know how it ends. This one is way dirtier than WA (impossible, I know) but has less angsty/romantic stuff going on. I need that in my fanfiction. I can't just read smutty smut without some lovey dovey stuff in there. Well, I guess I can because I am. :) Maybe I am just a slutty slut.

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  1. I just discovered fanfic too through Twitarded. I love it. I just read Submissive and now Dominant. Ohh, what's Wide Awake. Ok, I'm hooked and I'll read that one too.
    Love me some fanfiction!