Tuesday, May 5, 2009

If anyone ever doubts that a man thinks with his...

Last night I watched The Other Boleyn Girl and it really hit me how much guys truly think with their dicks. I mean, Henry got fucking excommunicated, divorced his wife, and caused utter turmoil just so that Anne would give him a piece. Come on, how good could that pussy be? Yep, I'm gonna ruin everything just to get a taste.

Obviously, I know I'm exaggerating a bit here. There was more at stake here. Male heir to inherit the thrown, marriage as power, blah blah blah. And because I'm not in the 6th grade, this is obviously not the first time I've heard Henry's sordid tale before. But for some reason, that was the thought I had when watching that movie last night. I'm being a bit sinister here, and I don't mean to stereotype. I just found it kind of funny. And for some reason, I'm really channeling horny ole Henry lately because just the other day I watched the first episode of The Tudors. I've been in a mood, I guess.


P.S.: What's with the English today? lol.

P.S. again: Yes, I do know that The Other Boleyn Girl is a work of fiction. Doesn't mean horny ole Henry was. And it doesn't mean I'm gonna stop calling him horny ole Henry, either. :)

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