Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wide Awake Chapter 48

Because AG is the greatest, she did give us two chapters just like I wanted! She split 48 into two parts and I read through them both so fast. They were both monumentally good. This girl has so much talent. I swear, even if the story had no mention of Twilight, I would still love it. I hope she is able to publish it, because it seems to be her calling. I hate waiting for new chapters! Only 49, 50, and an epilogue to go. I hope she splits the chapters up. I realize it isn't more to read, but it feels like it when she does that. Until the next chapter, I guess I will keep re-reading the sexiest, angstiest chapters. Like 36 and def. 48 again! Check angstgoddess003 out here: Wide Awake.


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