Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rob impersonator - Robpersonator?

So I was in Target today, strolling the book aisles (staring at the copies of Twilight even though I have them and read them all the time cuz I'm sick like that) when I came across this in the magazine section:

What the? So, I already really hate the fact that, for some reason that I cannot understand, people compare him to Rob. I really don't get it. They're both young and hot, but that's about it. I used to kind of have a baby crush on Zac, but then he got all Hollywood with his aviators and people started comparing him to Rob and that just pissed me off. Is he trying to have Rob hair here? Cuz you're coming up really short, buddy. Get over it. You're not gonna be Rob, so quit telling your stylist to "Add more gel. I gotta be hotter than that Twilight dude." Cuz it's not cool. And we are not fooled.


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