Friday, April 17, 2009

Twilight: The Score

Yes. I succame to the madness yet again. I bought the mp3 version of Twilight: The Score today. And... I. love. it. I love having music without lyrics. If there are lyrics, I have this compulsion to sing. I must sing. So it's hard for me to listen to music while I read, blog, etc. But now I can listen to music and not sing. But I do admit I still hum. What can I say? I was born to be a rockstar.

I gotta say I had a really frigging hard time downloading it. I ordered it from Amazon (which is where I buy everything.) At first it was saying that my payment had failed and that I needed to choose another payment method. But the music was showing up under my account as having been purchased. So I called customer service and the lady (who I had great difficulty understanding due to a bad connection and an indistinguishable accent) told me that they had received my payment and I was all "Well, where's my music?" (I'm not normally haughty with customer service people, but I was irritated that I couldn't understand her and panicked that I didn't have my damn Twilight). She pulled up my account and helped me get to the downloading part. So, I got off the phone and continued downloading the rest of the songs. Well, I got through 12 of the songs when evil, crappy iTunes popped up and for some reason it interrupted my downloads. So I only ended up getting 12 songs. At this point I was so annoyed that I almost just gave up, but then I realized I didn't have "The Lion Fell In Love With the Lamb." And you know I had to have that shiz. Of course when I called back it was the same lady and she sounded annoyed with me. I know she was probably thinking "God, not this annoying Twilight nerd again." Anywho, she pulled the downloads back up and I was able to get all of the songs happily onto my mp3 player. Yay for technology! I then proceeded to blissfully listen to my wordless music while swinging on my porch swing munching gummy bears and reading my Dali biography. Contentment at last.


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