Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire and such

I watched Slumdog Millionaire and I must say it makes up for the suckfest that was The Haunting in Connecticut. It was so great! It def. deserved the Oscar win this year. Dev Patel is completely adorable.

I got some new nail polish. I ordered China Glaze's For Audrey off ebay and I love it! Still no gray polish yet. I also got the Love Rock Grand Duo and loves it. I bought the 187 brush (I know.) I finally broke down and bought it. I've only used it once because I haven't had time for makeup experimentation lately and so far I am disappointed. I washed the brush the night before and it was still pretty damp the next morning when I used it and I think that may have affected the brush's performance. It is now completely dry and I think I will test it out tomorrow.

Stuff I wanna buy:
- Chucks
- Running shoes/outfit
- Betsey Johnson shades
- Ray Bans?
- MAC shadows
- Boots body butter

I am going to post pictures soon of my MAC purchases and my "I Drive Like A Cullen" car decal. I am waiting for my friend to return my camera. He's had it forever and I have demanded to have it back by Friday...or else!! I miss it so.

Have to get up at 10 tomorrow and I know that doesn't sound early, but for me...on my off day...yeah that's early. Gotta fill out an application for a prospective job. One that I don't want. That is my problem. The only job I want is actress/rockstar/Robbie's lover and any other job seems like a big fat depressing waste of my time/my life. *sigh*

I know that damn fanfic will keep me WIDE AWAKE (pun intended. hehe.) tonight. Just like last night. I friggin' read 11 chapters. I haven't picked up my Sookie book in days. This story is just so good. It's got all the angst of Twilight with all the naughty stuff Twilight is missing. Perfection.


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