Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rings of the Nibelungs

This movie came on today and I REALLY wanted to watch it, but I had some stuff to do so I couldn't and I am very sad. :( I got to see some of it while I was getting ready to leave and I gotta say it has me interested. Rob (of course) pulled me in. It looks a little cheesy and I was giggling at parts that probably weren't intended to be funny. I have been searching to see when it comes on again and I don't see it airing again any time soon. GRRR. I guess I'll just have to buy it on DVD. I plan on buying a region free DVD player soon so I can play How To Be, Little Ashes, and all of Rob's other movies available only in region 2. Can't wait to see him in stuff besides Twilight. Not that I don't enjoy him in that, it's just that I want to see him play something different. Something bad. Something naughty. Ahem. Sorry.


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