Monday, April 20, 2009

New fave Rob interview

Officially my new favorite:

I gotta say the whole tee/blazer combo is perfection. I love his serious faces at 3:08 and 3:24! Yes, I realize it is completely creepy that I paused at those moments more than once to record the exact times they occur here. Shut up.

On a less superficial note, I love how he talks about how because Edward can't sleep, he has no marker for time. I couldn't imagine how awful "life" would be if I couldn't sleep. I can't tell you how many times sleep has been an escape from sadness or stress for me. What if you could never escape these things? Sleep offers so much to us beyond the obvious physiological need we have for it. That really makes me have a new appreciation for the torture Edward's life must have been before Bella. And how much of an escape watching Bella sleep must have really been for him.

Back to the swoony, superficial stuff. I love when he laughs. And when he talks about taking his shirt off being the most embarassing day of his life. Oh, Rob. (I love when he says "...unless you literally can't recognize me as a human." and "especially when you're not a gym bunny.") So cute and self-deprecating.

And I think it's cool that he doesn't watch his performances. Reminds me of another fellow I fancy. Johnny Depp, maybe?

Oh, and I love that he cares enough about the story of New Moon to be hopeful that he is kept out of most of the scenes. He's so not Hollywood.

And, yes, I officially rule because I learned how to imbed a YouTube video here. (I am technologically lame.) Nooch.


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  1. Creepiness. Check. I do the same thing. ;) But only with Rob because of his insane hawtness. His facial expressions are priceless; how could you NOT pause and admire?

    Nice bloggy!