Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's not a myth! Team Jacob people DO exist.

I have always read of these Team Jacob people, but I had never met one. Until my friend Sarah read the Twilight saga. While she was reading the first book, she told me that she didn't like Edward. The conversation went a little like this:

Me: So, how you liking Twilight? Isn't Edward dreamy?
Sarah: Not really.
Me: Wha?!?!
Sarah: I don't really like Edward.
Me: *guffaw* You're kidding right?
Sarah: No.
Me: But why on God's green earth not?? Did you read about his hair? And the beautiful bod? And his smell? And cool skin? And the way he rubs his marble skin against Bella's neck? And---
Sarah: I don't like that he said no good music came from the 70s and 80s.
Me: Surely, you can't dislike the man just for that. Sure, that's a flaw, but you can overlook it for his extreme hawtness!
Sarah: It's not just that.
Me: *croak* What else then? (angry now)
Sarah: Well, I think it's kinda creepy that he watches her sleep.
Me: No, it's not! It's sweet. He is fascinated by everything that has to do with her.
Sarah: He's a stalker.
Me: I'm hanging up now.

After starting New Moon, Sarah texted me with this: "I love Jacob!"
This was our conversation after the text:

Me: More than Edward??
Sarah: Definitely.
Me: So, you are one of those Team Jacob people, huh? I thought ya'll were mythological creatures like knomes or unicorns.
Sarah: Well, if I had to choose I would say Team Jacob over Team Edward. But, I'm really Team Eric (from the Sookie universe).
Me: Why Jacob?
Sarah: He's just so much more real. And he's so good to Bella.
Me: Better to Bella than Edward?
Sarah: Definitely.
Me: You blasphemer!!!! *hangs up and cries into pillow*

Okay. Those were overdramatized versions of the actual conversations. And I like to think of myself as neither Team Edward or Team Jacob. But I'm not Team Switzerland, either. If I had to choose I would say Team Edward. He is so much dreamier. But, I can definitely understand why some people are Team Jacob. He is so sweet. And completely what Bella needed at that time in her life. And he had way more dimension than Edward. *ducks* Jacob is a wonderful character, but I can't bring myself to say I wish he would have ended up with Bella. Edward was the perfect choice for her. And initially, I was angry that Stephenie didn't let Jacob end up with Leah. (Who didn't feel sorry for Leah?) But, ultimately, I think it was wonderful for Jacob to imprint upon Renesmee. That way he would always be a part of Bella's life. And I love that Jacob and Edward could be friends. I must admit, though, it's kinda creepy that Jacob was in love with his soon-to-be mother-in-law. Yuck!


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