Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In the Land of Women

I am warming up to Dish Network. And that is partially because of HBO. Today I got to watch In the Land of Women, which I wanted to see because of Kristen Stewart. And, I gotta say, I went in not expecting a whole lot. I'm not really an Adam Brody fan. I was before The O.C., but that show kinda ruined him for me. But I was really, really wrong about this movie.

It was so much more than the fluff they show in the trailers, which is true of so many movies. The trailer is almost always a misrepresentation of the whole film. I was really blown away by Adam Brody, Meg Ryan, and Kristen Stewart here.

Kristen's performance is what I imagine her personality to be like in real life. I obviously don't know her in the least, but I imagine that she is sardonic and tough with a dry sense of humor, much like Lucy. Anywho, not wanting to get too analytical here because I am not nearly a film critic nor do I have the verbal elegance to make this critique sound any better than what follows: This was a really moving film with great performances from all. Thought-provoking and full of dry humor, this is a definite must-see for anyone - Kristen fans especially.

P.S. Kristen was soooo thin in this movie. I'm trying to recall if she looks that thin in Twilight or in the Cake Eaters. I don't remember thinking so, but in this one I was a little shocked at how small she really is.


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