Thursday, April 23, 2009

ET's New Moon coverage

Damn ET for luring us all into watching this. We wait for so long and they give us a little over 4 minutes of coverage, which I have to say I am grateful for. But I'm just mad it was so short and very little on-set stuff. It was mostly stupid questions we've already heard answered before. Although, I must admit I will never pass up a moment of Rob speaking. Even if it means him just counting to 100 in an interview. That would be okay with me. And of course they have to draw the damn thing out. There's more "exclusive footage" tomorrow. I hate ET! I don't like watching this show at all, but you better believe I will be there tomorrow just drooling in front of my TV.

Watching this has made me debate whether I want to watch Twilight tonight or start New Moon. I have put off my re-reading of the series because I have been reading Wide Awake and my Dali biography. But, watching this footage makes me yearn for my real Twilight characters. I am torn. What to do?


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