Thursday, April 2, 2009

The appeal of Edward Cullen and Twilight

I'm going to take a moment to get "all psychological" on ya'll for a bit. Yesterday, I took a survey about Twilight. Some researchers are trying to study the appeal of Twilight to young girls and women. So, I took the time to fill out their little form. In doing so, it really got me thinking about why so many people are in love with this story and its characters.

Even my best friend (who is a lesbian, who normally stays away from all things mushy/girly, and who doesn't like to read) is absolutely in love with the story and characters. So, for her, the love of Edward is definitely not his completely apparent hotness factor. That made me think, what is it about this man and his relationship with Bella?

I don't think all of us necessarily want a man who is god-like in his appearance or someone who always says and does the right things. We don't want perfection. Maybe I shouldn't say we. I just know that that is true of me. Edward's appeal, for me, is his absolute and genuine desire to consume all that he can about Bella Swan. His curiosity about her is insatiable. I want someone in my life who genuinely cannot know enough about me. I know that when I am in a relationship, I can't get enough of the other person. I can't get to know them fast enough. I will spend hours just asking them about themselves. Maybe that is why I was a psychology major. I have these voyeuristic tendencies to get peeks at the parts of people that they don't want anyone else to see. I love learning about other people and why they make the decisions they make, what has happened to them in their lives for them to make those decisions. I feel like I have never really had that in my life. Someone who wanted to know all of me the way that I want to know them. I can always tell when someone is just waiting for their turn to speak when they are "listening" to me. Or people look away when you are talking to them. It's something that, as human beings, we do far too often to one another. I think we all have a deep-seated need to be heard. HEARD. Not just listened to.

I think that is why so many people love Edward. Because he genuinely wants to know Bella. Her thoughts, desires, emotions. Who doesn't need that in their life? That is what makes his appeal so universal.

And of course to every rule there is an exception. My next post will explain the odd occurrence of NOT loving Edward Cullen. *shock* *horror*

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  1. Hi Frances! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I really like this post and I think you make a strong point about Edward's personality and about his fascination with Bella. I've read thoughts from lots of different girls on what about the series draws people in so much, but I haven't seen someone really explain it like that.

    I actually posted something on my blog last month that's kind of focused around the same idea, as far as what connects so strongly with so many people:

    Something to read later if you're bored, I guess! lol

    Anyway, I wanted to comment on this entry, even though it's not one of your most recent ones, because I think your perspective is interesting, so keep it up!