Friday, April 24, 2009

Annoyed with Dish Network

Okay, so my dad had this brilliant idea to get rid of Comcast and get Dish Network. At first, I was excited because he told me we would have HBO, which means True Blood. YAY! Then I realized that we no longer have On Demand, which means we no longer have IFC Film Direct, which means I can no longer watch How To Be. Which means I will have to wait and watch it on DVD. GRRRRRRRRR! Why oh why oh why?? When I heard we would be able to watch How To Be On Demand, I thought "There's no way we'll have that chanel." I checked and we did and I was so stoked and counting down the days until April 29. It was so close! If only we had waited another week to get Dish.



  1. what is True Blood?
    I've heard lots of people talking about it but never seen it.
    your blog is really cool by the way, i think i'll follow you!
    check out my own Twilight blog:

  2. GAH - that must have been SO annoying! When is How To Be supposed to come out on DVD, anyway??? Any idea?? It looks super-cute even though if I watch it DH is finally going to call me on the fact that I am not just an Edward fan - lol...

  3. thanks, i will have to try and watch True Blood, sounds good :)
    and yup, i will follow you

    maya xx