Monday, March 16, 2009

A mish-mosh of thoughts

I got to have my retail therapy today. And I actually spent less than $40, which is somewhat of an accomplishment for me. I bought the next Sookie book, Dead As A Doornail, Triston and Isolde on DVD, a green tee for tomorrow, and MAC's Plush Lash mascara. I kind of wanted to wait to buy the mascara, but I just couldn't help it. I have already tried it out and I'm pretty sure I am going to love it. It has a brush that is almost as big as the Too Faced Lash Injection brush, but I feel it is much easier to use. It doesn't clump and it makes my lashes longer and more voluminous. Here's to hoping it works out for me. I have tried so many mascaras lately, I want to find one that works. I hate clumping and some mascaras just make my lashes go all of these different ways and they look funky. Oh, yeah. I need to buy a new eye lash curler because mine literally fell apart today. I bought that thing SO LONG AGO. I don't even remember when. Back before I was even wearing blush. I know that it's gross I've had it for so long, but I just haven't broken down and bought one, but now I must.

Anywho, I'm proud of myself because some money is in the bank and I was able to buy some things for myself. Just the cell phone bill due now and it is small. Plans for more spending: get a haircut THIS week (it's been over a year) and Twilight should come out of my account this week from where I pre-ordered it.

My mom bought me a Twilight shirt from Wal-Mart. It is the infamous screen print of Edward snuggling Bella with that sinister look on his face. I'm actually a bit embarassed to wear it out. I have finally gotten over the embarassment of wearing my hoodie in public. Most people have no idea what it means anyway. (Can you believe that?) I just think I would feel like such a fangirl wearing the tee. Yes, I know the name of my blog is the ramblings of a perpetual FANGIRL. That is just what I am. I have embraced it.

5 days until Twilight is released on DVD!

I have started watching this show on ABC called Castle and I absolutely adore it! The second episode comes on tonight. I can feel a new obsession forming...


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