Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So, I've always been a fan of Salvador Dali's work. His paintings have always kind of disturbed me. I will never forget the first time I saw The Persistence of Memory. I really can't look at that painting for too long. It creeps me out. I remember being in middle school and reading about Dali's fear of ants. When he was a child he kept a wounded bat in his home while it was recuperating. One day he returned and found the bat being eaten by ants. Imagine what a disturbing image that had to be. That would disturb me now, at 23 years old. Imagine seeing that as a child. I recently read that he picked up the bat and bit a chunk out of it. I'm not sure how true that account is. I don't remember ever hearing that before. Anyway, no wonder Dali's works are so bizzare.

With all that being said, the reason my interest in Dali has been re-sparked is because of Rob's new movie Little Ashes (which is about the life of Dali). Recently, I have been looking at his paintings online and I have ordered his autobiography. I was trying to understand why I am drawn to his work even though it unsettles me to look at it. That may be a reason for my appreciation of it in itself. It creates a reaction in me that I don't normally feel. I know that I love the vivid colors in his paintings and I love the fact that most of his works contain hidden imagery. I really enjoy trying to find hidden images in artwork and I love that most of his pieces are rife with ambiguous images of himself. I also like that a recurrent theme in his works is his obsession with time. His melting clocks have always intrigued me.

Some of my favorites:

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