Thursday, February 26, 2009

NYC trip February 2009

The dream that I have had for as long as I can remember finally came true. I have always dreamed of the bright lights of New York City and I got to experience it with one of my best friends.

1. Times Square
2. Ball from New Year's Eve
3. View from our hotel room of the Empire State Building
4. Chrysler Building

The trip started out a little rocky, as we missed our flight. After rushing to the airport and being told we were too late, one of the girls in our group (as it so happens the one who caused us to miss the flight by being extremely late) worked some magic with Delta and our wonderful Delta agent Elrico. (Yes his name was actually Elrico). He was able to get us a flight into White Plains that night at 8:25. We checked our bags and rushed to make the flight.
1. Finally on the flight (sigh)
2. Desiree and me
We safely arrived at the White Plains airport and waited for our baggage to arrive on the carousel. After my 3 friends got their baggage, I was extremely saddened to discover that my baggage had not arrived. The Delta agent informed me that because of weight and balance issues (whatever that means) my luggage was still in Atlanta, but would arrive tomorrow morning at 11 A.M. After calling Delta several times the next day, my baggage still hadn't arrived by 11. I tried
to enjoy the day. Wearing the same clothes, me and my group went to the Statue of Liberty. Man was it cold! We were almost blown off the ferry. We took the obligatory pictures in front of the statue and visited ground zero and did some shopping on 34th street.

1. Sarah and me at a "real" NY diner called Scotty's
2. The obligatory pic of the Statue
3. Sarah and me. It was so windy!
4. Ground zero
5. View of the City from Liberty Island
While we were out, I received a call that my luggage had arrived at the White Plains airport, but was damaged and unfortunately Delta was not going to repair the damage. At this point, however, I was relieved that my baggage was in NY at all. Anyway, we went back to the hotel around 10 and still no luggage. At this point I was royally pissed. Why would it take 8 hours for baggage to be delivered from an airport that was only 40 minutes from my hotel? The Delta rep started getting testy with me, which only pissed me off further. FINALLY, at midnight, my luggage arrived. I'm pretty sure this is the guy who handled my luggage:
The handle of my suitcase was almost completely ripped off with only jagged pieces of metal left. It looked as if they deliberately were trying to destroy my luggage. My friend seems to think that maybe it got caught on some part of the carousel at some point. That handle was pretty strong and it had to take a really strong person to destroy it like that. Anyway, the point was I had my luggage! Things were starting to look up.

Saturday, we stood in line for half price tickets to Chicago. We really only stood in line for about thirty minutes, which I was impressed with. Next, we ate lunch at the McDonald's in Times Square. (I know. McDonalds?! But, we didn't want to be late for the matinee showing, so we just hung around on Broadway). At 2:30, we went to the show. All I can say for it is - AMAZING!!! Everyone must see a Broadway show before they die. I was surpised at the lack of set on the show. The stage was small (the show was at the Ambassador theatre) and the set consisted of just the Chicago orchestra. It was unusual seeing the orchestra on stage. But with the beautiful, sparkling costumes and amazing talent on stage, there really wasn't a need for an elaborate set.
1. Chicago at the Ambassador theatre
2. Sarah and me
3. Me in front of Roxy
4. Me
5. Sheneva and Sarah at the Times Square McDonald's
Saturday night, we went to Harlem and a club called Webster Hall. I wore my new "club dress." And believe me I am not a clubber, so this was a new experience for me. I was pleasantly surprised that no one spotted me as an outsider. I was waiting for them all to scream "What a weirdo...what is she doing here??" But to my surprise, I think I may have blended in. Six guys actually asked me to dance. The first guy was Ukranian, the second Brazilian, the third was from Turkey, the fourth I am unsure about, the fifth was Jamaican, and the sixth was just some American dude. I only danced with the guy from Turkey and he started getting a little too handsy, so I left. My friend got kinda wasted, so I suggested we leave around one because she was getting a little too rowdy. We took a taxi home and that was a cool experience. Yes, I know I am a nerd, but I had never been in a taxi before.
1. Sheneva, me, Desiree before Webster Hall
Sunday, only me and my friend Sarah went out because my other friend was hungover. We went to Central Park, hoping to spot celebrities. No such luck, but it was fun going at our own pace and meandering through the park. It was beautiful even when it was raining. I would love to see it in the fall. We rode the carousel, explored Belvadere castle, found Strawberry Fields, and snapped photos of the Dakota. Next, we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I was kinda disappointed here. The museum was hard to navigate through. After that, we went to Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum. It was really fun here. Kind of a short exhibition for $35 though. I took lots of pictures here.

1. Bow Bridge in Central Park
2. Me on Bow Bridge
3. Imagine in Strawberry Fields
4. The Dakota as seen from Central Park
5. The Dakota
6. My hero, Lucille Ball
7. The Beatles
8. A drag queen-looking Marilyn Monroe
9. Girl Power! Me and Sarah with the Spice Girls
1o. Me, Sarah, and Mr. President
11. Me and my husband
12. Good old Julia
13. Me stealing Brad from Angie
14. Chatting it up with Jen Aniston
15. On the carousel in Central Park

Sunday night, we went to a nice dinner at this place called Docks. It was on 3rd Avenue and 40th Street. It was really nice. The tables had little tea lights. We were really dressed up and feeling fancy. Sheneva curled my hair and I wore my midnight blue Grecian-style dress. I ordered a $32 steak. It was worth every penny. It was delicious. For dessert, we ordered one piece of cheesecake and three forks. It was delicious too.
1. Before Docks (Sheneva curled my hair!)
2. Me and Sarah before Docks
At some point during the trip, we went to this comedy club inside the restaurant Charley O's. I can't remember what night it was. The comedians were nice and foul-mouthed. (Which I love!) I thought the guys were funny. My friends didn't agree.

Anyway, I felt like overall I had a really well-rounded experience. Next time I go, I want to go in warmer weather. Maybe in the spring or summer.
I also want to do the following on the next trip:
- Shop on 5th Ave.
- Go to a taping of SNL
- See a celebrity (this is something I always want to do anywhere I go)
- Visit the Empire State Building
- Go to the Guggenheim and the Museum of Natural History
- Go see more residential areas where the brownstones and such are
- See a Broadway play starring a celebrity
- Spend more time on the subway (no joke, I really like riding the subway and I think of it as an experience in itself)
- See Tom's Restaurant from Seinfeld
- See more movie locations
Lots to do and I'm sure that sometime in the near future I will visit NY again. I know I have to go with my brother and when we go together, we have to stop in Red Bank, NJ - childhood home of our hero Kevin Smith.

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