Thursday, February 12, 2009

MAC's Hello Kitty Collection

Sad news: I didn't' win a T-shirt from the Twilight riddle.

Good news: I did get my name put on the Hall of Fame list!

More good news: My Hello Kitty stuff from MAC got here today.

More sad news: I am really unimpressed with the beauty powder. I was really unsure of what the beauty powder was used for anyway, so I guess shame on me. I'm just unhappy that there is almost zero color, so it can't really be used for a blush. It has Hello Kitty's face stamped on it, so that is cute and because I will probably not use this product, her face is there permanently. The beauty powder just turned into something to collect.

Super good news: The Lucky Tom eyeshadow quad is awesome though. My favorite color is the one that I thought I would like the least because of its subtlety. Creme royal is actually very beautiful and will be an awesome highlight color. Paradisco is also very pretty. Stylin' doesn't have as much color payoff as I had hoped. I think I am forever spoiled by the vibrancy of Coastal Scents' 88 shimmer palette. Lucky Tom is the one I will probably use the least because it is so dark and its hard for someone with my skin tone (vampire pasty) to pull that off. Overall, I am pretty happy with the eyeshadows and will definitely be buying more MAC e/s. However, I have discovered that I am really not a fan of matte shadows. I am much more of a shimmer girl.

Cute packaging:

Beauty powder in Tahitian Sand:
Lucky Tom e/s quad:
L to r: Creme royal (which turns out to be a better highlight color than Shroom), Paradisco, Stylin', Lucky Tom.

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