Saturday, January 31, 2009

The universe has FINALLY heard me!

I just read the best news on

"Gwen and the boys are going on tour this summer!And,they're being joined by another female-fronted, predominantly male band - Paramore.Dates and locations haven't been announced yet, but Gwen Stefani says of the summer outing, 'The whole reason for going on this tour was to have fun, try on all our favorite songs again and to get inspired to make new music. It feels good to be all together again.'"

I knew No Doubt was touring this summer and I thought it couldn't get any better. Well, guess what boys and can! My two favorite bands in one place. And I was just saying the other day how I was sad because I would probably never get to see Paramore tour with material from their first two albums. It's weird how life works sometimes.

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